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Tiny, simple \'mod\' to speed up loading times and (arguably) increase immersion.

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Quick & simple 'mod' / replacer which does the following:

1. Removes, or rather, replaces the title screen music with a small, blank sound file.
2. Removes the Besthesda video intro which is displayed before the Skyrim main menu appears.
3. Removes the 3D models and the mist effect from the area transition loading screens.

Most users should see a reasonable improvement in their loading times. Also, Skyrip doesn't take up a mod slot since it's a file replacement 'tweak' as opposed to a .esp mod file.

To Install:
Download and install in the usual way using Nexus Mod Manager.

Or, to install manually, Just open the .rar archive and drag the 'Data' folder into your Skyrim installation directory.

To Uninstall:

Remove in the usual way using Nexus Mod Manager.

Or, to uninstall manually, delete the following files:

Skyrim install directory / Data / Music / Special / mus_maintheme.wxm
Skyrim install directory / Data / Meshes / Interface / intmenufogparticles.nif
Skyrim install directory / Data / Interface / loadingmenu.swf

Will replace any files which alter the loading screen / menu music in any way. Eg. 'Time on Loading Screen' mod.