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Syglja of Shor\'s Stone. Perhaps the most charming, beautiful and innocent young woman in Skyrim. This mod is a 100% standalone replacer using resources from some of the best beauty mods on Nexus.

Permissions and credits
This is the 2nd, in my ongoing series of makeovers for Skyrim NPCs, Enjoy!

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"Sylgja is one of the most beautiful vanilla NPCs in Skyrim. She is also perhaps the most eligible bachelorette in the game, with a steady income from mining ebony ore and her very own home at Shor's Stone. She is a quintessential working-girl, who loves to be independent and spontaneous. Also, in her list of priorities is finding a suitable partner to seal the bond of matrimony and celebrate Mara's gift to Nirn - Love."


1. She is 100% standalone, therefore no other mods required!

2. She is not a ''follower" per se. She is a marriageable NPC in Shor's Stone, near Riften.

3. She can be married after you have done her a favor by delivering a satchel to her father. If you choose to move in with Sylgja, you will have full access to her house and items and she will carry on with her regular schedule.

4. The chest at the foot of her bed is not safe storage for her spouse.

*****For UNP and/or *Other users : Guys, this mod has been designed with realism in mind. Don't dismiss this just because it says "CBBE". Sylgja's CBBE body is based on a personal custom preset through BodySlide, made to ensure that she doesn't end up looking "melony" ;) On another note... bouncing breasts just seem odd to me, its a game not "interactive p0rn".

>Installation Instructions

>. Install manually or use NMM. NMM is the right way to do it, though.

Latest Skyrim update is REQUIRED (v 1.9.32)


>Screenshot Credits & Kudos

Thanks to my dear, dear Nexus friends who helped me with BETA testing and making fantastic screenshots for Sylgja, be sure to check out all the images!

Take a look at their fantastic image galleries. Please leave a like, endorsement and comment on their work!

>Mods & Resources Used

1.> Caliente's CBBE by Caliente

2.> Body Imperfect by betterbecause

3.> The Eyes of Beauty by lograam

4.> ApachiiSkyHair by apachii

5.> Nuska's Real Skin and Face Morphs by Nuska

6.> Bethesda for the CreationKit and Skyrim

*Disclaimer : If you want to use any resources included in Sylgja's Sylvan Makeover, please ask for permissions from their respective authors, and me.. (if you want to do something with my plugin)