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Thanks for checking out my Soul Trap Rune spell for Skyrim. Hopefully, this mod won't break anything for you (as I can't really see how it could), but always remember to hard-save before installing ANY mods.

This mod adds a single new spell to Skyrim: Soul Trap Rune. This spell works just like any basic destruction rune, but with the exception that it does not do damage and is not considered a "hostile" spell if a neutral NPC triggers it. It is mainly geared toward "clever" encounters and non-mages, so its mana cost is low while lowering the effect duration to attempt to retain balance.

I am thinking about increasing its range in lieu of the fact that the Rune Master perk is a ways into destruction and this is not made for mages, so most people using it would not have many/any points in that school. I'll probably go off of feedback for that one... if I receive any, that is.

Enjoy, but please be gentle; this is the first time I've thrown one of my personal mods out in the wild, so I'm sure it will be noobish.

If you need to contact me about this mod (or anything else for that matter), all of my contact information is listed at