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This mod adds several new high quality versions of the wonderful Elven Archer Armor by Newermind43 which give it a unique look that will shine out. It also includes a new standalone bow and quiver set, designed to accompany these armours.

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[size=+2]About this Mod[/size]

[size=+1]This mod adds several new high quality versions of the wonderful Elven Archer Armor by Newermind43 which give it a unique look that will shine out. It also includes a new standalone bow and quiver set, designed to accompany these armours.

All variants have been made with love for small details and unique and lore friendly colour schemes inspored by the LotR universe as well as Tamriel's lore. These sets all include the fixed meshes by my dear friend SydneyB which make this set mashup friendly with other armours.

It was originally designed for the UNP body but should be compatible with other variants like UNPB, CBBE, SevenBase, etc. as it does not show too much skin.

The Bow is a separate download to make it optional for all lovers and haters of these armours ;).

The armour and the bow and arrows can be crafted at every forge under the Elven category and is fully temperable and enchantable.

All textures have been thoroughly compressed and are at about the size of the Beth HD DLC textures for maximum compatibility and performance.

About the looks of it images can say more than thousand words of mine - especially since I had the honour to be able to get some of the greatest screenarchers on the Nexus as beta testers for my work. Be sure to check out their remarkable work in the gallery on this front page and in the image section of this mod.[/size]

[size=+2]Video Review[/size]

by Hodilton

[size=+2]The Variants[/size]

by Seren4xx

[size=+1]The Guardian of Imladris variant provides a dark and noble looking set which is fitting for a Guardian of the last unspoiled home in exile of the Noldor of the 3rd age of the world. Its main materials - red golden metal and night blue leather reflect the masterful craftsmanship as well as the pride and grace of their smiths.[/size]

[size=+1]The Sentinel of Hithlum set marks the valor, pride and sense of superiority of the royal House of Fingolfin in the first age of the world. Gold, tempered steel and royal blue leather and cloth provide a look for a strong and noble warrior who knows of her power and refuses to walk in the shadows within sight of her enemies.[/size]

by Misslexi

[size=+1]The Ranger of Nargothrond set provides a fitting look for a ranger and master archer with wood green and brown leather and bronze metal. It represents the emerald colour scheme of the House of Finarfin whose people preferred the shadows of the wood and were known as fantastic rangers and archers throughout the world.[/size]

by Seren4xx

[size=+1]The Feanorian Guard set stands for the hidden fire and the rash temper of the people of Feanor and his sons and are represented with a red and golden colour scheme which lets each enemy know that the bearer of this armour is a force to be reckoned with.[/size]

by Misslexi

[size=+1]The Dwemer Scout set uses the lore friendly colour scheme of the Dwemer armory which is represented with violet cloth and leather as well as light brown leather and Dwemer metal parts. It seems very fitting for a lightly armoured Dwemer Scout.[/size]

[size=+2]The Bow and Quiver of the Galadhrim[/size]

[size=+1]In addition to the armour variants I also include this newly textured and standalone Bow and Quiver set which is based on models by Enpremi and which fits for all ranger characters. The Galadhrim were known as the master archers of the 3rd age of the world and their bows were cunningly crafted of Mallorn wood which gives them a very unique look.

As an optional file I have added a silver steel variant for those who prefer that over the golden metal version.[/size]

[size=+2]NEW versions[/size]

by Yyna

[size=+1]The Marksman of Eriador set which comes in a normal and a dark version displays the heraldic ties of the Noldor of Eriador to their Feanorian ancestory but also shows their close ties to the Dwarven Smiths of Khazad Dum by the usage of Dwarven silver steel alongside their own materials. The armory of the smiths of the Rings of Power is rather dark and menacing as if it shows a foreboding of evil things that are to come.[/size]

by misslexi

[size=+1]The Lindon Household Guard set displays the power and splendor of the last free realm of the High Elves in Middle Earth where the royal house of Fingolfin ruled until the High King Gil Galad perished in the war of the Last Alliance. It is cunningly crafted with silver steel, gold and dark royl blue leather and cloth elements and - as Lindon has a warm and friendly climate - is the only set without a collar.[/size]


[size=+1]Skyrim 1.8+ is required for this mod to work. For the armour variants you also need the original mod by Newermind43. The bow is completely standalone.[/size]


[size=+1]For the armours :

1. Install the Elven Archer Armor by Newermind43

2. Download the mod file and extract the file into your skyrim directory, e.g. C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData and say "yes" when being asked to integrate and override.

You can choose only one armour option at the same time.

For the bow and quiver set :

Download the mod file and extract the file into your skyrim directory, e.g. C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData and say "yes" when being asked to integrate and override.[/size]


[size=+1]Delete the file via NMM or manually by deleting the files contained in the mod folder within your Skyrim "Textures" folder.[/size]


[size=+1]The armour variants should be compatible with everything except other retextures of the same files. The bow and quiver are compatible with everything except the original mod by Enpremi.[/size]

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[size=+1]Credits go to...

- Newermind43 for the creation of this wonderful armour and the permission for this retex-> check out his original mod
- my dear friend SydneyB for her mesh fix -> check out her beautiful variants of this armour variants of this armour
- my dear friend Grace Darkling for creating a new normalmap for the quiver
- my dear friend Seren4xx for creating the fantastic logo picture of this mod
- Enpremi for creating the models for the bow and quiver and for the permission to use them -> check out his original mod
- Bethesda for creating the gaming masterpiece Skyrim and the HD texture packs
- Professor Tolkien who made a fact-loving lawyer and historician believe in magic again, the day I discovered his unique and ever outstanding work back in 2001
- Peter Jackson and WETA Workshop for being a great inspiration for this mod
- Lana del Rey, Howard Shore, Harry Gregson-Williams, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini and others for helping me through endless hours of modding work

and last but absolutely not least to my fantastic group of friends and beta testers :[/size]

Grace Darkling

[size=+1]The gallery on this front page is a tribute to YOU and your contribution, your friendly help and encouragement and as well to your inspiring and outstanding screenarchery work. I would not be modding anymore without you! THANK YOU SO MUCH![/size]


[size=+1]You are not allowed to use any assets of this mod whithout my permission.[/size]


[size=+1]Now, after so much reading you really deserve the visual joyride provided by my wonderful Beta testers. Be sure to check out their other work here on the Nexus ( links to their work can be found in the "Credits" section. Enjoy it![/size]

by Misslexi

by zzjay

by TomAraya

by Misslexi

by SydneyB

by Nataly1q2w3e4r5t

by Yyna

by Nataly1q2w3e4r5t

by Misslexi

by Yyna

by TomAraya

by Ibanez85

[size=+1]more are coming soon...[/size]

[size=+2]Author's note[/size]

[size=+1]If you like this mod please take a second to show your apprechiation, leave a comment or load up a picture - I'd be really grateful for it, since I have put many hours of work and a lot of determination into it. If you enjoy a mod a few clicks should not be too much to ask for. If you face any issues please let me know, so that we may find a solution.[/size]