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Fine-Tuned Challenge
Author Kamikaze
Version 1

Annoyed with Bethesda's pathetic excuse for a difficulty slider?
Fed up with hacking away at damage sponges for hours and hours on Master difficulty?
Looking for a simple way to add some actual challenge to your game?
Then your search is over!

Fine-Tuned Challenge adds an MCM menu to tweak the levels at which enemies spawn. Spawn points have a difficulty setting associated with them that influences the level of enemies that will be spawned. The designers used this to make some areas harder than others. Fine-Tuned Challenge lets you tweak the difficulty settings so that you can make easy spawns hard, hard spawns easy, or anything in between.

To make the game more challenging, set the spawn multipliers higher. The effect is that you will face tougher opponents, without turning them into damage sponges like the vanilla difficulty slider does.

While I was at it, I also included two settings to control the amount of damage you take and inflict. Unlike the vanilla difficulty slider you can set the exact multipliers. To use these settings make sure the vanilla difficulty slider is set to Adept (the default).

Fine-Tuned Challenge can be added at any time, but the settings only take effect in locations you haven't visited yet (I think...). The damage multipliers take effect immediately. Already existing enemies are not affected in any way, even if you remove the mod.

I made this mod in a couple of hours to learn how to use MCM, but I think it is useful enough to release. The mod itself is very simple and Bethesda could just as easily have put all of this in the game to begin with, seeing as all the necessary settings are there already!

Requires SkyUI.

Drag-n-drop the Data folder to your Skyrim folder and enable the .esp with your favorite mod manager.
The load order does not matter at all.

Not compatible with the various difficulty scaling mods out there, but you won't need them anyway once you've installed this mod.

You can do whatever you want with my mods as long as you credit me and provide a link to the original mod. Let me know if you have plans for any of my mods.

The SKSE Team.
The SkyUI Team.

- Initial release.