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Buy necessary ingredients and use a special brewer to make famous moon sugar.

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====About mod====
It's best to use this mod with the Become a Skooma Dealer mod by MimiTheAlchemist

With Become a Skooma Dealer mod, you can make your own Skooma, but you need moon sugar, which is hard to find. And so I created this mod. It's fully standalone and can work with anything, but moon sugar has few purposes in vanilla game (unless you want to cook lots of Elsweyr fondue meals)

This mod adds a small shack into the game. It's called Moon shack and it's located in Rift, south of Ivarstead, near Alchemist's shack. (See images)

The shack contains a very special kind of brewer, specially designed for production of the Moon sugar. The brewer is fully functional, but to be able to make some moon sugar, you need a plant named Sugar Cane, a very rare ingredient from the southern part of Elsweyr. Since you cannot travel there, you will have to rely on the goods of Khajiits in Skyrim. Yes, all three Khajiit caravans in Skyrim will now offer a new ingredient - Sugar Cane - from Elsweyr. They have a fairly big chance to carry at least few plants. Random skooma dealers also carry some canes.

Once you obtain the ingredient, you can head to the Moon shack. Inside you will find the brewer, along with some basic furniture. To use the brewer, simply activate the brewer lid. Each brewing process, starting by opening the lid and ending by closing the lid, consumes one sugar cane and creates one bowl of moon sugar. You can also use the shack as your home.

Note: Although the game notifies you only when you recieve the moon sugar, it automatically takes one sugar cane when you open the brewer lid. If you don't have any, you won't be able to get any moon sugar.

The shack also contains:
- Bed
- Alchemy table
- Fireplace with a cooking pot
- Strongbox, safe, chest
- Some furniture
- Some gold and jewels
- Shrine of Julianos
- Alchemy skill book
- Skooma, Sleeping tree sap, Balmora blue and double-distilled Skooma potions

Put the MakeMoonSugar.esp and both folders Textures and Scripts into SkyrimData directory.

Delete the makemoonsugar.esp from SkyrimData
Delete the LidScript.pex from SkyrimDataScripts
Delete the from SkyrimDataTexturesPlantsSugar Cane

Skyrim 1.8 or newer

This mod should be compatible with the mayority of mods. It adds vanilla objects, one script and one texture, so there shouldn't be any problem. If you find any problems, let me know.

====Change log====
- NavMesh for the whole Moon shack. Now NPC's should be able to enter the place.
- Random skooma dealers now also sell sugar canes.
- Fixed lights in Moon shack.
- Other smaller fixes related to the furniture and misc objects inside the shack.

- Added both animations for the brewer lid! Now the lid opens and closes as you manipulate it.
- Added Sugar Canes! Just retextured wheat, but it works, so why not.
- Completely reworked script! Now just one script instead of two, this one is more balanced, works perfectly and shortens the waiting time. Now you just need to wait for the lid to close and you can continue brewing.
- Sugar Canes added to Khajiit Caravans!

- Moon Shack created. A fine house.
- Brewer created. Well, not created. Copied and modified.
- Script for production of Moon sugar created. Two scripts, actually. Moon sugar was created from the air in the brewer.

As long as you keep me as the original author of this thing, you can do anything you want with it. You don't need any permission from me, just please write a small note somewhere into your work that the original mod was made by me.

I have no plans for this mod in the future. I decided to stick close to the lore, so there won't be any wild sugar cane growing in Skyrim. They are said to grow only in a certain part of Elsweyr and I'd like to keep it that way.

It's my first uploaded mod so it definitely isn't perfect.