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A simple mod that lets you give gifts to anyone in skyrim.

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Have you ever wanted to show your generosity to someone in skyrim?
Now you can. This is a simple mod that allows you to give gifts to anyone in skyrim.

Just walk up to someone, and tell them you have a gift for them.

Then the gift menu opens, and you choose what to give.

They will thank you, and you will receive "the gift of charity" blessing.

New Update - Give Gifts to NPCs Voiced Version 2.0!
* Dialog now appears at the bottom of the list. (requested by Bizzquik)
* You can now choose to give gold to NPCs. (requested by TheJessaChannel)
Use this console code to set the amount of gold you want to give:
set givergold to 4 (or whatever amount of gold you'd like to give)
The default amount is 10 gold.
* If you give gold to an NPC they will give you a flower in return as a token of their esteem.

The voiced version of this mod is now available for download.

The newest update is available for download. It's only a small update that includes the following features:
* If you give Silda or a priest/ess of Talos a gift, you'll receive a small decrease in shout cooldown.
The priests and priestesses of Talos that give you this added benefit are:
- Heimskr in Whiterun
- Nura Snow-shod in Riften
- lortheim, and jora at the temple of Talos in Windhelm.
* Added a small boost in speechcraft when giving a gift.

Give Gifts - Friendship Version
At the request of many people, I've added a version that add a relationship boost, so the
player will become friends with the NPC they gave a gift to.

Please download only one file!

Uses for good characters:
* Give a beggar some food or clothes.
* Give a hearthfire child a doll or wooden sword to play with or a sweet roll.
* Give your sweetie flowers and jewelry or a handmade piece of armor.

Uses for a more nefarious character:
* Give people junk you don't need.
* Give people things you stole, so if you get thrown in jail, the guards won't take it.
* Give people skooma to get them addicted (lol).

All you need to run this mod is a copy of skyrim.

To install:
Extract the contents of the zip file into Skyrim's data folder.

I made this for my own personal use. I always felt sorry for the beggars and the poor hearthfire kids.

I hope you enjoy this mod!