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The original (v1.5.5) uses Bagserk's original Xvision children and is no longer being supported.  Now is a work in progress for versions of either RS Children or Xvision Children Redone.
Full, updated mods (with master files and resources) are required for whichever you chose.

Getting Started (OUTDATED):
You need Skyrim version 1.9+ and Bagserk's Xvision Children - (original esp mirror here).
Use the original files, do NOT use the version found here on the Nexus.
Put all the files you intend to use (choose a main version plus any optionals) in the /Skyrim/Data folder and make sure they are enabled and they MUST be BELOW xvisionchildren.esp on the load order.
If you don't follow these steps, you will get a CTD - I guarantee it.

If you want a fix for stretching for killable children with killmoves unlocked, there is a version available in the Optional Files that does not add any new npc's.

Main file includes:
Bandit, Forsworn, Warlock, Witch, Afflicted, Nord Hunter & Skeleton children in leveled lists.
Orc, Elf & Skeleton children have all new custom meshes and normal maps included.
At low level the frequency averages about 1 or 2 kids in a large cave and will decrease as you level up.
There are also 5 new unique npc's with their own AI package data, 2 young Thieves Guild members, a young College of Winterhold student, and 2 Orc Stronghold children.
All new npcs CAN be soul-trapped, pick-pocketed and reanimated; they have petty souls, as if there were any doubt.
These kids have very little gold (only a few coins if any, except the thieves who have more), you can't take their clothes and their dead bodies are light and can be thrown around.
Bandit kids have random outfits between fur armour, hide armour and red/green/blue child clothes.
FaceGen data is included in the zip to make sure there aren't any skin colour mismatches.

Dawnguard patch adds Vampire children to the Fledglings lists, they have unique drain spell and 1handed weapons. It also allows vampire feeding on children and Werewolf feeding with Savage Feeding perk.

Dragonborn patch adds Reaver (Dark Elf) children to the lists as well as puts the Nord hunter children in Solstheim.

For all kids killable version: be warned, kids have no resistance to magic, no armour and low HP, so they will probably be the first to go during a Dragon attack or vampire raid. I strongly recommend that people use the Run for your Lives and When Vampires Attack mods. Quest-related children are NOT marked essential and thus can be killed and break a quest.

Falskaar patch now available, only changes the 3 new children at this time but a later version will add bandit kids to the leveled lists

Works great with Equipment Flexibility Project.

Future plans:
HF Plugin with adoptable kids & more clothing options

Can't you just upload the original files to save me some time?
No, that is against the site rules and Bagserk wants nothing to do with Skyrim Nexus.

Will they use new weapons that I add from mods?
You bet, as you can see the new weapons from Heavy Armory - New Weapons by PrivateEye on the screenshots.

Are you going to add a MCM menu so we can _______?
No, i don't use any script extenders.

Will there be Khajit and Argonian children in the future?
They are already here!

Should I be enjoying killing kids so much?
Probably not, but I am in no place to judge.

Will you be making a version for vanilla children?
NO, they are ugly horrible creatures and I don't even want to consider it.

Can we expect children for Alik'r/Companions/Silver Hand/Mercenaries/Dark Brotherhood/Guards/Vigilants of Stendar/Thalmor/Stormcloaks/Imperials?
No, that is not lore-friendly. I did toss around the idea of a huge Kids version of Skyrim where everyone is a child but I really don't have that kind of time.

Bagserk and his Xvision Children mod makes this possible
hl84 for the head and body meshes for Argonian and Khajit kids

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