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Disappointed that Whiterun looks terribly barren in Tropical Skyrim? Can't use your existing Whiterun improvement mod? Paradise City aims to solve that problem.

Permissions and credits

Checked and Cleaned with TES5edit... and LOL no, this isn't a girlie bar mod as described in the Guns 'N Roses song -- See the changelog for updates.

You don't have Tropical Skyrim? Look no further, I have something better in mind:

Russian version here.

Disappointed that Whiterun looks terribly barren in Tropical Skyrim? Can't use your existing Whiterun improvement mod? Paradise City aims to solve that problem.

The Backstory
It's no secret that Tropical Skyrim has become my favorite full-on environmental alteration mod, as I'm more at home in a warmer climate. That mod may have given the gameworld an entirely new and refreshing world to explore in, but stepping into Whiterun... the town looks barren and dry, being baked slowly under the unforgiving sun.

At first I tried using mods such as Beautiful Whiterun to improve the place visually, but because TS replaced most of the vanilla flora, the result is a disorganized mess. So I fired up CK to create an entirely new town revamp intended for TS.

The result is a verdant Whiterun that makes best use of soolie's mod, including custom flora resources created by Vurt, Tamira and GKB that came with it.

While editing the mod, great care has been taken to ensure that Paradise City does not interfere with NPC routines and markers, dragon landing zones, or disrupt quests such as the military assault on the town. I have also made sure the mod is clean by using TES5edit for quality control and stability.

If you wonder about my name picks, well, since there are other mods that say "plus", "advanced, "improved", "enhanced", etc. I decided that for the mod to stand out a bit, I thought Paradise City sounded better.

What does this mod add?
  • Custom-made replacer trees and flora that came with TS, sited in places where vegetation is needed.
  • Extra lighting for pathways, guard posts, vending stands, arches, doors, homes, and others for better visibility at night. This also makes thievery and assassination work a bit more challenging.
  • More benches and chairs at certain areas (i.e. the marketplace, guard posts), some furniture, a couple of cooking spits, barrels and others.
  • To add more life to Paradise City, insect respawn points have been placed.

  • Skyrim Update 1.8 and above.
  • Tropical Skyrim 1.0 and above.

As tested, this mod is compatible with mods such as:

  • Some mods that add or modify Whiterun, such as large buildings, houses or other structures, may cause clipping or collision with trees. Please inform me of such incompatibilities.
  • Low-performance/older PCs or laptops may experience considerable framerate drops due to the added vegetation.
  • The mod will work with vanilla Skyrim (sans TS), but without the full tropical effect, just pines and ferns.
  • Due to light "overload", the pavement in front of Breezehome may flicker at certain angles. I'm trying to resolve this. Fixed by removing some unwanted lights.
  • No version for Open Cities forthcoming yet.

Performance Notes
With True Vision ENB enabled (DOF on/SSAO off/bloom on/adaptation on/no SweetFX), and grass production disabled, I experienced 12-16FPS depending on location and flora density. Better FPS may be achieved by more recent video cards and mid-to-high tier PC builds.

  • NMM Installation -- download, add the mod and install.
  • Mod Organizer -- download, double-click to install and activate.
  • Manual Installation -- open the 7zip archive, open the Data folder, then click-and-drag the .ESP into the Skyrim Data folder. Activate using any mod manager such as Wrye Bash.

    NMM Uninstallation -- deactivate, then remove the mod.Manual Uninstallation -- deactivate in any mod manager, then go to the Skyrim Data folder and delete TS_Whiterun_Paradise_City.espMod Organizer -- deactivate.

Alternate Versions

I would like to thank the following modders for their works:
  • soolie (Tropical Skyrim)
  • GKB (trees and plants, included in TS)
  • Tamira (trees and plants, included in TS)
  • Vurt (trees and plants, included in TS)

This mod (the .ESP file) is exclusively released for both Nexus and TES Alliance. Any alteration to the mod requires my express permission, but redistribution/upload to other sites are prohibited.