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Physical Adept aims to add an old skill set from older elder scrolls game into Skyrim. The hand-to-hand and unarmored Skills. Physical Adept's use magic and natural abilities to enhance and modify their bodies capabilities beyond normal means without the aid of weapons or armor. This mod emulates the vanilla skill progression and applies it to unarmed combat in a method that uses no scripting. Allot of care was taken to ensure the damage output and armor rating is balanced for the skill level. Magic armor, light armor, and heavy armor will overwrite the unarmored rating while worn or in use, they do not stack. Hand-to-Hand damage does not stack with one-handed, two-handed or magic damage.

1: New perk tree for the Physical Adept using the Alteration skill experience. This does not modify the vanilla Alteration perk tree. Simply uses the same skill to level the Physical Adepts potential.
"The School of Alteration involves the manipulation of the physical world and its natural properties. The Physical Adept uses the same knowledge to alter themselves."

2: Perks gained for the Physical Adept add new abilities and spells focused on being unarmored and hand-to-hand combat.
"The Physical Adept does not buy his knowledge of magic. It can not be learned from a book or a some ritual. Mastery of the body requires deep inner reflection and practice."

3: Unarmed Damage and Unarmored damage resistance increases progressively biased on Alteration skill in a balanced method emulating vanilla skill progression and damage one would see in using armor, or weapons.
"The more one understands the alteration of self, the greater their natural potential."

4: Spells added all give Alteration skill, and increase character values such as unarmed damage, running speed, Health bonus at the cost of stamina, cure disease as the cost of health, or give the Physical Adept a type of unarmed block.
"The Physical Adept focuses his understanding of magic inward. Some magic is beneficial others due to the strain on the body, pushing it beyond the mortal limits, come with a price."

***Version: 0.2***
This is the Main file
1: Spells updated to now show up under Alteration spell list when provided by perk.
Way of the Fist Apprentice - Master, Adrenaline Boost, Body Control
2: The "Enhanced Speed" Spell now cost the correct amount for its level.

Will not work with Mods that change clothing status into light or heavy armor. (unless you like being naked to get the unarmored bonus)

Works with:
Does not require any DLC
Mods for new or replaced Armor/clothing/cloaks and Weapons.
New hairs and body styles / including retextures and mesh
Dance of Death Mod
Convenient Horses and Training animals
Better Magic
Alternate Start
Followers (no NPC current or added will use this mod.. yet)
Extra Music
Tropical Skyrim

Author Note
This Mod is in a Play Test state.
I expect this mod to have more spells and abilities that would fit the Physical Adept concept, but wanted to get it tested by characters at different levels perks and play styles.
Originally I was inspired to create a mod that focused on a play style for Mage that uses only clothing. The first mod simply changed clothing to have a slight armor rating but limitations to the game mechanics still left me wanting something better. Using magic and its whimsical array of perks and abilities the Physical Adept was born. I now get a progressive and balanced armor rating when using only clothing which feels more natural and does not modify the clothing. As the ability is a modified shield spell it worked well with the alteration school of magic that made sense. This did not feel to be enough for a Mod i should release so i dived a bit deeper and created a progressive unarmed damage system using the same knowledge for the unarmored ability. This proved to be quite a headache to get balanced as Unarmed Damage is not a skill and does not give XP. So by using spells to enhance the Physical Adept and supplement Unarmored and Hand-to-Hand combat, The character now gains Alteration skill who can focus on being a Physical Adept.