About this mod

A Kryptonian outpost brings Kryptonians to Skyrim. Play as the Man or Woman of Steel with Heat vision, Freeze Breath, Super Speed and many more abilities

Permissions and credits
I just released a version with X-ray vision(detect everything thru anything), Special weapon that a custom merchant named Jor-El is selling wearing custom armor located in The Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold. Far distance vision is another new ability along being compatable with porrone's Flying mod.
Man of Steel Armor is coming as a new mod soon.

This mod brings Superman with all his powers into Skyrim

Members of the lost planet Krypton an ancient outpost brings them into the world of Skyrim.

Custom Race abilities and awesome carry weight bonuses.
Carry weight is set to 3000
Health and Stamina regeneration is also higher rates as you are Kryptonian
You can breath under water or in the depths of space
Unarmed is a one punch kill on everything
Freeze breath if you hit your target they will freeze unless they resist the cold
Heat vision I will be updating the length of the heat vision in the next few days, I am releasing so everyone can have heat vision for there Kryptonian race.

Custom merchant named Jor-El in selling the Atronach spell and a few other things located in Riverwood at the Sleeping Giant Inn

Next update will be kryptonite effects, Zod Shout :Kneel before Zod" with General Zod follower, Superman follower, Supergirl follower, Jor-El follower with their respective arrmors.
All the armors are craftablte under the steel category except Jor-El white oufit is crafted at tanning racks.

Please check all the optional files I spilt them up into individual armors, merchants, and a moon
I uploaded the pictures of Kryptonite in game soon you can see what it looks like.

Thank you KettleWitch for letting me use your telescope script for the Far sight
Thank you Apachii for making the hair.
Thanks you EnaiSiaion heat vision
Thank you Tyrannicon for using my mods in your video Superman at the Movies: Skyrim.
Thank you writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster for creating Superman
And Thank you Skyrim players for subscribing