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This is my first mod ever so please be gentle!

"Many who gain the blood of the wolf are either victims of the bite of one lost to the wild instincts and fierceness of a werewolf or took the decision to be turned by one who had master that savage side. Sighne was different, she was born into being a werewolf, that blood of the beast that howls under the dance of the moons that flowed in her veins was that of her parents, once counted among the companions. Long ago when her mother was a keen adventurer she had been wounded when scouting out a ruin, something had struck her but she knew not what, among the whispering trees in the dusk's gloom she searched for someone to tend her wounds collapsing among the grasses. A hunter had eventually heard her cries of pain as the shadows of night enveloped her but what this hunter saw was her form changing to that of a beast, what had struck her had been a feral werewolf. It stood over him but seemed to hesitate to strike, as if her will still held and she fled into the forest.

The hunter chased after her, something about her sparing him drew him towards her. As the sun rose among the branches revealing the gleam of the morning dew he found her in a clearing curled up and sleeping peacefully, this hunter was Sighne's father, as she woke and looked at him and he looked back they both felt a connection to each other. Sighne's father searched for a way to help her control her savage side and eventually found Kodlak. He helped calm the beast within her, Sighne's father, not wanting her to be the only one dealing with such a nature he was eventually turned by a member of the circle. Years later, the love between them having become great in their shared trials, the couple where with child and had to leave the companions, on their departure Kodlak made them promise to help others as he had helped them in controlling the blood of a wolf.

They had settled high in the mountains forests eventually taking in other werewolves forming an odd family. It was among this that Sighne was born. Like her mother, from a young age, she was a very adventurous one and a fighter. When Sighne was still but a young one, men appeared near their home the gleam of silver in their hands sawing that they knew what they were. Sensing their threat Sighne's mother turned into a great wolf holding the men back from the others and her daughter with great fierceness, a battle raged as the men fought the werewolves, when the dust cleared the men had fallen but not before taking most of the pack with them, Sighne's mother among them.

Her father was never the same from then one, all the warmth in his heart has ebbed away when his beloved faded into and eternal sleep. All he could share with his daughter now was his hunting skill and the way to survive the great harshness of the world around her. He was very strict and cold, telling her that she had to become tough or she would not survive, when Sighne was of age to set off on her own she fled from her father. Through her great will and the sense that her mother looked over her, Sighne did not become like her father, she still had warmth in her heart and a fighter's spirit and so began her adventures as a wandering warrior."

Sighne's tale by Kamikazekossori and some details by me ;).

Sighne (prononciation: Seeg-ne) is a standalone follower so everything by her look is included (not for armor at the moment).She also uses some vanilla stuff.

She specializes in two-handed combat and some archery just in case.

Her perks:
- Barbarian
- Champion Stance
- Deep Wounds
- Skullcrusher
- Limpsplitter
- Devastating Blow
- Great Critical Charge
- Sweep
- Warmaster
Archery (just in case ;p)
- Overdraw
- Critical Shot

You will fin her in Jorrvaskr living quarters in Whiterun.

Please, feel free to upload screens with her! It will be such a plesure for me! :3


Very big "thank you" to Seren4XX (for helping me with some technical problems) and to
zzjay (without her help with the ck I'd abandon thought of making a follower actually).

Hugs and kisses to all my dear firends and testers:

- Seren4XX
- andreamkall
- flyingpikachu
- Terrabreakcity (forgive me ^^')
- TairenSoul
- KnErBSE73
- Yyna
- m14aria
- Caelrya
- Kamikazekossori
- knusperburger
- 83Willow
- jessb81
- innova889
- Jorundr
- SydneyB
- Diethardt
- Dovahkiin86

Thank you soo much guys! <3

Mods used:

- Real Girls Textures (finally!) by Zonzai and Seren4XX
- Mature Skin by Maevan2 / normalmaps by zzjay
*additional credits for the face texture:

- Lovely hairstyles by zn00p
- Ladies Come First Female Face Tatts and Warpaints by TairenSoul
- Eyebrows by regnbagar
- Gizmodian scars by Xenius
- DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
- The Eyes Of Beauty by LogRaam
- Apachii SkyHair by Apachii
- HQ Eyes by Xenius
- Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave

Tutorials used:

- Tutorial - Creating Standalone NPCs by Natilde
- Standalone Followers Tutorial by zzjay

Thank you so much! Without it I'd be doomed!

I just hope I didin't forget about anyone here...

Recomended mods:
- Louise Follower by andreamkall and M14aria perfect match for a companion along with Sighne :)
- HN66s Earrings by humannature66
- Sexy Vanilla Female Armor for UNP and SevenBase with BBP by Crosscrusade
- aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBaL120
- Unreal Cinema ENB by Unreal Warfare
- Winter Is Coming - Cloaks by Nivea
- Moonlight Tales by Brevi and Al99 - with this mod you'll be able to infect any NPC (Sighne for example) with lycantrophy, decide when she/he should transform, choose werewolf textures (wow!), have pretty cool beast and Silverhands events also wonderful and very atmospheric sounds. Highly recommended! Amazing experience.

Please upload as many shots as you can! It makes me really happy :)!

To do:

- adding option for a Werewolf transformation
- adding standalone and custom armor

Known issues:

- eyelidbug in custom fov - fixed!
- invisible in werewolf form ("Moonlight Tales" mod). I'll upload later optional version without custom body so she will be running with you as a beast.

Also here you can check Sighne in very interesting tale by jessb81 ! It is amazing and pictures Sighne's character perfectly!