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Slaughter Fish Nemesis Spell kills slaughterfish in a large area.

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[size=10]Slaughter Fish Nemesis[/size]

Q. What does this mod do ?
A. It adds a Spell to the game which can kill all slaughterfish in a large area around the player.

Q. How do I obtain this spell ?
A. The Spell Tome can be bought from the Jarls Court Wizards:

Farengar (Whiterun)
Sybille Stentor(Solitude)
Wuunferth (Windhelm)
Wylandriah (Riften)

Other Spell Vendors:
Falion (Morthal)
Dravynea (Kynesgrove)
Spouse(At your side)

3 Copies of the Spell Tome can also be found at the following locations:(See Image Section)
* Sven's House on a barrel behind the house. (Riverwood)
* Katla's Farm on a barrel next to the horses. (Solitude)
* Brandymug Farm on a barrel next to the door. (Windhelm)

Q. Is this Spell a Cheat ?
A. Sure it is, but only limited to killing slaughter fish.
It's up to the user how it's used.
I made it for the sole reason that slaughter fish didn't come to shore to be killed while i wanted to fast travel.
So I either had to run far away from the fish or some how lure the fish close to the shore and kill them.
Both options where cumbersome when one just wants to fast travel.

Q. Does usage of this spell increases my destruction level.
A. No.

Q. What else do I need to know about this spell.
A. The Spell does not alarm any other creatures or npc's that might be in the vicinity.
The Spell is not considered hostile by npc's nor does it hurt npc's or any other creatures.

Q. The Spell did not kill all/any slaughterfish ?
A. You might be using a mod that adds fish with the name "slaughterfish" but are not in the vanilla race class "SlaughterfishRace".

Q. Is this mod compatible with mod X
A. Yes.

Q. Really this mod does not conflict with any other mod at all !?? That's hard to believe.
A. Okay okay,
There might arise a conflict with other mods that alters Vendors Novice Spell Tome Inventory that they have for sale.
(more specifically this "LItemSpellTomes00AllSpells" item)
If this mod replaces any other mods spell tome inventory on the vendors then place it before that particular mod.
That's why I also placed 3 copies of the spell tome in the skyrim world.
So you can place this mod before other mods and still obtain the spell.
And yes if any other mod modifies the exterior world where the 3 spell tomes can be found the spell tome might not be in the place as shown in the image section. (or at all)

Q. Does this mod depend on any other mod ?
A. No.

Q. Does this mod add scripts of any kind ?
A. No. (it is save to install and uninstall)

Q. There is already a Mod X that makes slaughterfish non hostile to player. Why should I use your Mod ?
A. It's up to you. Personally i want the slaughter fish to be hostile.
Like when i go hunting for the scales. (I don't cheat in general. :)
But sometimes i just want to fast travel while they are around.
It's not like they can follow you out of the water anyway. :p

Q. I found a bug / inconsistency with the workings of this spell and/or I have some suggestions where do I report it. ?
A. Post it in the comments section and i'll have a look at it.

Q. I like this mod :) Shall I Endorse it and Vote for the Mod ?
A. Yes, Please.

My Other Mods :
Island Fast Travel
Falskaar Fast Travel

Have Fun.