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Customize your camera in-game via MCM. Also allows you to quicly swap sides or to set a view mode camera for landscape or portrait character.
SkyUI required.

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··· Customizable Camera ···
by Arindel

Classic Skyrim | Special Edition

Customizable Camera
lets you modify the camera in almost any way you want via MCM which is offered by SkyUI mod and comes with extra features such as following:
 - Swap Side key allows you to change the camera sides quickly at the press of a button.
 - TFC Mode lets you toggle between normal camera and a flying camera that you can use to explore your surroundings.
 - Adaptive Sneaking allows you use a separate height slider for sneaking, useful if your character is in your way and can't aim.
 - Adaptive Crosshair hides the crosshair when using melee weapons and shows up if you're using ranged weapons or spells.
 - View Mode, a feature toggled by hotkey that switches to an user defined camera for various purposes such as portrait view or eagle view.
 - Profiles system to save and load from external files. Needs PapyrusUtil to be installed for this feature to work.

Localization support is available beginning with version 2.03. Translation files can be found in "Data\Interface\Translations\..." starting with "customizable camera_XXX" in their name.
There are still some messages stuck in english, that's because I've been unable to make those change-able in translation files, but they are rare so I hope it doesn't bother anyone.

 - SkyUI
 - PapyrusUtil (soft requirement, only if you want Profiles system to work)

- Any mod that alters the camera through scripted INI editing is directly incompatible.

Install & Uninstall:
1.Install via your favorite mod manager.
2. In game, wait for MCM to message: MCM registered 1 new menu(s). Only after that it will appear in MCM. If it doesn't appear, save and load and wait a little again.
To uninstall simply remove Customizable Camera from your favorite mod manager. Remember to draw your weapon out and then sheath for the game to restore the vanilla camera after uninstalling.

/!\ In case you have issues after uninstalling mod, make sure you don't have the following files in your Data\Scripts folder:
These are old remnants of the older versions that used to have loose files instead of BSA.