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Adds a large amount of trees to cities in Arthmoor's Open Cities Skyrim

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Edit: 2016/1/24: HEY HEY! GUESS WHO STARTED PLAYING SKYRIM AGAIN! Brace for updates, guys!

Edit 2013/7/12: Just checking in to let you guys know I'm not dead! Riften managed to piss me off and as such is next on the list.

Edit 2013/12/8: Scratch that, my ass is officially dead. I desperately want to play more skyrim, but work kinda has me by the balls - hang in there! Shit will happen. ....eventually.

Well, I got a little upset that my favorite "add a bunch of trees to my cities, please!" mods didn't work with Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor. But OCS had just become my new favorite mod! I wasn't about to give it up over a pet peeve. So, I opened up the Construction Set and went to town. ...I went a little crazy. I added a uh... well, a lot of trees. And shrubs. ...and a couple of ingredient-yielding plants here and there (not many). Even some scrub along the paths near Dragonsreach to hide that horrible texture seam at the edge of the path!

All perfectly region-matched, I assure you!

Currently, only Whiterun is done. Even then, there are still a couple of finishing touches I wish to add. This is kind of a "for-fun" thing, so I'll update it as the various cities piss me off with their lack of foliage. (Don't worry, this shouldn't take too long)

If you're the type of person who likes forested cities, and likes Open Cities Skyrim, then this is for you!


Whiterun - the biggest offender >:C


- Official Skyrim patch or greater
- Open Cities Skyrim, duh. (Very recommended, but not necessary now. This mod is made with OCS in mind.)
- Does your GPU lift? You'd better hope so. (I kid, my GTX560 + K EnB on Ultra runs this at a playable framerate)


- Compatible with all of Arthmoor's mods
- Compatible with Official and unofficial Skyrim patches
- Doesn't edit any scripts
- Doesn't touch anything important
- Leaves spaces open that are required for civil war battles, etc
- Should be compatible with most everything that doesn't require overmuch space in Whiterun.


None, afaik.
If this breaks something for you, for the love of Talos, tell me.
On the off-chance that I am eaten by a grue, thus rendering me unable to update, putting your problem in a comment where everyone else can see it is advisable.


Just nuke the files, dummy! It ain't gonna break nuthin'!
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