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This mod adds Lucretia to skyrim. She is a follower based on the Succubus Custom Race
Love sexy characters ? Love wings, love demons ?
Even if it's not lore friendly ? This mod is for you

Permissions and credits
  • German

Succubi, those sexy demonical entities.
Who could think that they would be part of our life ? Facts have given us the proof that they may exist in our world.

A shopkeeper named Nikitaa was the only one able to tell us about them.
This is what she said :
"Known in the past as a Daedra Seducer, Dark Seducer, or Mazken. Their appearance corresponds to their name: beautiful young women, naked or nearly so. Some have wings on their back, and they can materialize at will. They describe themselves as being "Daedra without" a Lord, so they can switch allegiances at will. The Mazkens act in service to a lot of the Daedric Princes, including Azura, Mehrunes Dagon, Meridia, Nocturne, Sanghin, and Sheogorath, by serving as private soldier, messenger, or even more generally as guards or even mistresses.

During the Battlespire Assault, Imago Storm judged them impulsive and undisciplined, and was opposed to their integration of the Mazkens into the ranks of the Legions of Mehrunes Dagon, including the promotion of Faydra Shardai at the rank of General of Dagon.

Although "Modern" Maskens were being seen during the events of Oblivion, 200 years ago, these "succubus" are part of the native race of Faydra Shardai recognizable by their wings. But nobody knows how they arrived in Skyrim..."

This story is about Lucretia, one among them, a reddish skinned one.
Some say that she had been a true support of the Hero of Kvatch in Cyrodiil, but well it must have been another Ma'iq's lie. How could it be possible ? Well, daedric powers seems to be so powerful, so who knows ?

What is sure about her, is that she will be a part of your story, and you'll have to encouter her in the Hall of Dead.

Embrace your destiny as a dovhakiin and let her go with you to live your epic adventures !


Loving sexy characters ? Even if it is'nt lore-friendly ? Well, this follower is for you !! Lady Lucretia is a follower using weapons to fight.

Her fighting style is close to a spellsword character, BUT she can also uses dual wield style or 2handed weapons. She has got some perks helping when using those weapons
Behind her charming look, she is able to defend using Flames, or Succubus Drain. But she is a dangerous fighter. And because she was the favourite of Sanghin, she has recieved her weapon
(equivalent to an imperial sword)

Lucretia, like other succubi prefers wearing some sexy clothes, so, her default outfit includes the armor of seductress from Nikitaa. You can marry Lucretia, but don't forget that she is a succubus and she loves lust !!!!


This mod is my first one. I'm not very skilled about the CK or Photoshop, so, as a beginning, I'll try to have something functionnal.
You future beloved succubus in this first version will be in the Hall of Dead in Whiterun.
Future plans about her are described later in the description.

Update from 1.12

  1. If you are upgrading, I advise you to remove from Lucretia's inventory, your object (it's safer)
  2. Uninstall Content from previous versions ( with Nexus Mod Manager or manually )
  3. Update your mod installing the new one
  4. Transition is done

Manual Installation

  1. Extract the content from the archive to SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData.
  2. Activate it through steam load order manager or other software.
  3. Lucretia is waiting for you ! Quick ! Play Skyrim !!!


  1. Dismiss Lucretia and don't forget to remove your items from her inventory
  2. Delete Lucretia.esp
  3. Delete Lucretia.BSA & Lucretia.BSL from SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData
  4. Congratulation, & Sad story, Lucretia has disappeared from your mods


Incompatibilities linked to vanilla followers remains....
-Horns, wings, and tail are linked, and represents an "armor" for your follower. As such it's equipped on the slot number 60.

-The color of the skin is different in my screenshots due to different ENB.
-Clipping issue with some helms about the horns of course...I can't solve that one, sorry :-(
-Horns and wings disappear when using an outfit management, in UFO for example ==> Working on it

Futur Plans

I have some ideas about the future of this mod. My knowledge about Ck is not wide, and i'm alone for this mod. So i'll need some time to implement this.
But possible features known :
  1. Custom Voices and Dialogues : thinking about dialogues, and then i'll need a voice actress
  2. A quest to make the follower appear instead of finding her in the Hall of Dead
  3. Who knows ?

Recommended Mods

Succubus Race Mod to play with a succubus. Or to play AS LUCRETIA (new preset for the 1.5 version)

Succubi are sexy characters so, use sexy armors :D Nikitaa has converted one from Hentai for example.

Some weapons : Liliths Sickle - Custom Scythe

A mod to manage follower :
Amazing follower tweak, Ultimate Follower OverhaulExtensible Follower Framework


Because of the great work of these modders, this mod was born. The race, the hairs, eyes and warpaints were from them. They had given me the permission to use them. So here are the credits to them !



Lots of thing made this mod exists. Most of them made me asked about their use into my mod
So you have to check about the ressources I used if they were free or allowed to be used.
Of course i would be happy to see my follower (and as such, my avatar) to be seen in other mods.
But please, ask me. Don't upload it on another website. Authors here let their ressources free, respecting this will.

Words from Sanghin