Steel Dwarven Armour and Weapons by Shantih
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Added: 16/11/2011 - 10:44PM
Updated: 15/02/2012 - 11:58AM

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Last updated at 11:58, 15 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 22:44, 16 Nov 2011

"Stand and fight
Say what you feel
Born with a heart of steel"



Modified textures for the Dwarven armour, boots, gauntlets and helmet (both male a female versions) and weapons (including the shield).


UPDATE: HR versions of armours, weapons and Dwemer creatures REQUIRE HR DLC (extract to data and overwrite existing files). If you want the original "shiny" look simply open the folder and delete the files from the mod (this way the game will use the original "shiny" textures).

This mod is derived from my earlier attempts at retexturing the Dwarven Armour. I really like its design but don't care much for the golden hue so I decided to change its appearance.

This retex should match and blend pretty well with the Steel armour and the Steel helmet since that was my goal when I made it.

This will replace existing Dwarven Armours but you can revert to the original by simply deleting the files.

The way they look in game may differ depending on the resolution and settings you're using. Some mods like custom shaders and stuff will make a difference too.

I've uploaded a new retex of the cloth, I think it looks pretty good and less showy than the original. Simply extract the textures to your data folder and overwrite original files. There is a female version as well.

There is a second main file for Dwarven Weapons. Simply extract to the data folder.

A Shiny option is available, simply extract to data folder and overwrite existing files (this option is compatible with the cloth retex).

I've added a quick retex of Dwemer stuff so they match the steel look of the armour and weapons rather than the original golden hue. Probably not very lore friendly but it may be a valid alternative until I can make the armour non replacer.

I really like scimitars and I was getting tired of the gold so I've made a retex of the handle to make it less gaudy. It should match the armour now. You can download the retex in the Misc section.


Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the files to the Data folder.


Delete the textures from the data folder.


It should be compatible with most mods that don't modify textures for Dwarven gear.

Known Issues or Bugs



Thanks to Bethesda for another great game and thanks to the TESNexus for being so awesome.


Feel free to upload pictures of your characters wearing the Steel Dwarven armour if you like the mod.

Have a nice game! ;)