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Kariann, Nordic Warrior
ObliSan Team mod

-Follower essential warrior, very good with a sword and bow, fight like a true Nordic.
-Level up with the character.
-Use the bow and the sword alternating as the enemy is near or far.
-If at night, should fight, use the torch to stop the enemy's blows.
-She alone will be wearing armor in the inventory.
-Is marriageable.

-This mod includes textures and meshes of the face, so you do not have the dark face.
-Eyes and lips painted.
-Color in the face to give a pleasant tone.

Where are you?
-In The Drunken Huntsman, tavern and hunting supply store in Whiterun.

Mods I use:
Face : (Look 1 )

Eyes: (eyes 1)


Skyrim To color (do not use ENB)

-NMM recommended.

-Copy all content in the Skyrim data folder, answered yes when asked.

-Remove the Data folder of the Skyrim installation file Kariann.esp
-Open the folder Meshes-actors-character-FaceGenData-FaceGeom and delete Kariann.esp
-Open the folder Textures-Actors-Character-FaceGenData-FaceTint and delete Kariann.esp

- Bethesda for making Skyrim.
- Nexus for giving me the opportunity to publish.
- To you for your downloads and encouragement to continue creating.
- And my Team, a small group, which unites the same illusion, make it bigger, the ObliSan Team.

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