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~ ~ ~ Your Magicka, Your Way ~ ~ ~

Created by BlackLink16 (Skyrim Nexus)


Allows the player to boost various stats using specialized points.
Health, Stamina, Magicka, and Magic Schools can all be buffed.


v3.0.1 (2013/16/12)
-Version 3.0.1: Fixed typo in the MCM menu.
An alternate version for both mods dramatically reduces the bonuses granted
by the mod.

v3.0 (2013/15/12)
-Version 3.0: Reduced the strength of the bonuses, made them more expensive,
and reduce the amount of points gained to make the mod more balanced. Two
different files exist, one for the vanilla game, and one for the Skyrim Redone

v2.0 (2013/05/07)
-Version 2.0: Removes dragon souls as the payment method. Instead,
internal points are used. Increased the amount of stats which can
be improved. Added negatives, which give more points to spend.
See In-Game Activation for more details.

v1.1 (2013/29/06)
- Version 1.1: Added a warning to the mod. Version 2.0 is coming
Friday or Saturday, which will completely remove the dragon souls.
The warning allows the player to refund all dragon souls for future use.

v1.0 (2013/15/06)
- Initial version.



SKSE: Created with 1.6.15.

1. Extract the files to SkyrimData
2. Activate 'Your Magicka, Your Way.esp'

In-Game Activation

v3.0: The mod is basically the same as before, except every character starts with 3
points and gains 1 point a level.
Skyrim Redone changes what the 'Fortify Magic School' effect does, so the SkyRe file
reflects these changes. I tested the file with the Dawnguard only SkyRe so if there
are any changes to the 'Fortify Magic School' in the Dragonborn SkyRe, this mod will
not work with it.

v2.0: Dragon souls have been removed from the main point system. Instead, points
gained by leveling is the primary points for gaining bonuses. Every character starts
with 10 points, gaining 1 for every level. As well, every ten levels an additional
10 points are awarded, up to level 80.
Health, Stamina, and Magicka can all be upgraded, like Magicka could in v1.0. Magic
costs can also be reduced.
Negatives can be applied, increasing the number of points availible. Health, Magicka,
Stamina, carry weight, and speed can be reduced with a toggle. Fire, Frost, Shock, and
Magic resists can be reduced with a slider. If, by using the slider, the remaining
points become negative, you will die. Don't adjust the resists without making sure there
is enough points left over.
Dragon souls can be permently sacrificed for another 2 points. The dragon soul points
are perment, and will still exist after reseting the character's points.
If the character's improvements are not satisfactory, the only way to reset the boosts
is by reseting the entire character. Scripting room was tight, and having individual
resets would double the code needed. Negatives are togglable on or off, just not the
stat boosts.
Comments whether the costs are too expensive or too cheap, or other improvements are

v1.0 + 1.1: The entire mod is accessed in the MCM menu. Click on the toggles to
spend dragon souls and increase either magicka or the regen rate.
Deactivating the mod will give back 90% of the souls spent. The rate
the cost of souls increase is the Fibonacci sequence, so the first few
are cheap, and the later few are very high.
The boost is handled by basic fortify effects, so it should be
compatible with most other mods. The boosts will be shown in the
magic menu.


Creation Kit Wiki:

SkyUI SDK and Tutorials

Skyrim Redone

RS13 and Valridagan for their comments which spurred the development
of v2.0. Thanks guys.

Tristamid and vsirin for their comments which spurred the development
of v3.0. Thanks a lot.


Please contact me before redistributing.