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Interior makeover of Honeyside player home in Riften

Permissions and credits
Cleaned with TES5Edit 3.0.30
Fully NavMeshed

Important: You still have to buy the bedroom and kids room from the steward if you haven't done so yet.

V2.0 Update

This version was intended for myself, but I am uploading it anyway. Some of you might like it.

If you have the old version, please remove everything from the house, save and quit. Delete the old version, install the new one and start the game.

This version has couches, so if you do not like couches in Skyrim, please do not download.
Added an extra bookshelf
Changed the bedding on all the beds.
Moved the weapon racks and plaques into the hall.
Decorated the kids room with some new stuff.
Expanded the alchemy section slightly.


V1.1 Update
What's new:

- The zip file contains 3 different esp's. Please use only one.
One has a children's room with 2 beds like the original, but in a bigger room. The second has 3 beds and the other one has 4 beds.
Tested with TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod. I have added some pics to show the 4 kids in the room.
- Added just a little clutter. Really not much. The house is so small and I don't feel like cluttering it up.
- Added a planter so you can make the entrance prettier.
- The original version remains unchanged.


-The main bedroom is now downstairs, so the player won't have to sleep in the kitchen anymore.
-Expanded the downstairs area to include a hallway.
-Upstairs now features a small sitting area. The kitchen moved to where the master bed was.
-Replaces the walls of the "dungeon" the kids had to sleep in and removed the heavy fog that miraculously was able to drift around there.
-Added an extra ladder and made the hole you descend through bigger. No more hitting your head on the way down.


If you have the old version of this mod, delete that esp.
Before installing, I recommend that you move your family somewhere else first. Take everything out of the house that you want to keep.

Unzip the contents of the zip file to a folder of choice. Choose only one of the esp's.
Copy the bsa and the chosen esp to you ...Skyrim/Data folder


None that I'm aware of. IF you find any, please let me know.


Feel free to do whatever. The paintings and the static objects are modders resources, though, so please just check their permissions before distributing to other sites and what not. A list of those below


TMPhoenix for giving us Multiple Adoptions. Very patient man indeed. Thanks mate \m/

For the resources:
- Oaristys & Tony67 for the modders pack
- Blary, for the alchemy stuff
- Tamira for her Rocking Horse and Walery Nowak for the original model
- YNSTBIH for providing clean rugs.
- Artisanix for the paintings
- Vivian, who endures my rantings and does my testing.
- Bethesda