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This Mod Adds A New (Female Only) Light Armor Set, A New Dagger And A New Sword To Skyrim.
For CBBE, UNP, UNPB, CBBE BodySlide & CB++, other body types are available but may not be up-to date or supported at the moment, this includes... SeveNBase Bombshell

Meshes by SkyrimForDaWin
Textures by Reaper9111

Permissions and credits
This mod is now being updated and maintained on its new page:
 Unclaimed Delivery The Second Shipment
Go check it out!

Now Available Unclaimed Delivery for Skyrim SE

Pictures of the ground items and the armor/weapon stats are at the bottom of this page.

Currently, the armor is for CBBE, UNP, UNPB, CBBE BodySlide & CB++, the following are available but may not be up-to date or supported at the moment... SeveNBase Bombshell...

Please read the installation instructions before installing the mod.


This mod adds a crate to the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood, addressed to Ingrid of Helgen. I don't think I need to explain why the crate was not delivered. Inside the crate is a set of "Refined Leather Armor" (Female only), 2 "Eviscerator" daggers and (as of Version 1.2.0+) a long and short version of a new sword that I have named "Brutal Eviscerator".
On top of the crate is a Note, which when carried will reveal the armor and weapons in the crafting list at the forge under leather (armor) and steel (weapons).

The Armor set is a Mash-Up of Skyrim assets with a few custom Meshes made by myself, the Eviscerator Weapons are made from scratch by myself and both the armor set and the weapons have custom textures made by my friend Reaper9111.
Don't forget to endorse if you like the mod & feel free to upload some screenshots.

Special Install/Uninstall Info

The CB++ patch will require you to have installed CB++ as per the instructions on the mod page (link below)

Bodyslide CB Plus Plus by: ChronoTrigger77

The CBBE BodySlide patch will require CBBE BodySlide to be installed as per the instructions on the mod page (link below)

The SeveNBase Bombshell version will require the animations and skeleton(s) mentioned on the body's mod page to be installed for it to work (link below)

SeveNBase custom female body replacer by: Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity

Please make sure the appropriate mod(s) are installed correctly before attempting to install the BodySlide versions of this mod.

Install/Uninstall Info

Install using NMM

Manual Install
-Download manualy
-Open archive with 7Zip (or similar)
-Extract the files to your skyrim directory
- activate the ESP in the Skyrim Launcher

Manual Uninstall
-remove the following files from your skyrim directory
skyrimDatameshesSkyMeshesUnlcaimed Delivery
skyrimDatatexturesSkyTexturesUnlcaimed Delivery
SkyrimDataThe Unclaimed Delivery.ESP


SkyrimForDaWin (myself) - for the meshes.
Reaper9111 - for the textures and ideas/feedback.
Ousnius - for making the armor included in this mod BodySlide and CB++ compatible and updating them to 1.2.1.
Bethesda - for the Skyrim assets used to assemble the armor.
Sweet [email protected] - for the base texture I used to make the blade on the "Brutal Eviscerators".

Caliente - for the CBBE body & the BodySlide tool.
Dimon99 - for the UNP body.
ChronoTrigger77 - for CB++.
Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity - for the SeveNBase body(s).
MrTroubleMaker - for the UNPB body.

I would also like to thank MMOxReview for unknowingly providing me with a goal, a goal to get a mod showcased in his videos. Because of that goal I feel that I have drastically improved my mods, so thank you MMOxReview.
Here is a link to his Youtube page...


DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS MOD ANYWHERE, This is a Nexus Exclusive !
Contact SkyrimForDaWin (myself) for anything directly related to this mod.


You can find me on Nexus as: SkyrimForDaWin


gambler fls



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Armor/Weapon Stats