CHSBHC v3 - ADM Eilhart s Dress by Nimezis Novgoroth Aipex8
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Added: 14/06/2013 - 07:20AM
Updated: 15/06/2013 - 07:28PM

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My conversions of Nimezis' really pretty dress :}
*** ADM TBBP is up :) ***

Tell me please if I messed up anything :(

CHSBv3 - ADM conversions of Eilhart's Dress

Black Retexture by Novgoroth.

Reb-Black retexture by Aipex8.

Help needed please. I need mesh weighting aficionados for dresses, skirts, stockings.
A PM would be nice. Thanks.

Endorse the original, not me. Self contained, both body types and bounces.

Naming convention is as follows :

- The first LETTER is the color, except RB (red-black)
- If the second LETTER is D, this means deluxe (clothing has the plates, collar, amulet)
- if there is a LETTER n, this is the non-glossy versions (everything else is glossy).

- "Ball Dress" is the dress with only the collar
- "Dress" does not have the plates, collar, amulet
- Anything with a D has the plates, collar, amulet (as the original intended)

"help Eilhart 0" craftable, upgradable (may take up lots of space in the cloth section of forge, sorry).

1- The bounce and motions are a little odd. SORRY. :(
2- craftable and upgradable (may take up lots of space in the cloth section of forge, sorry).
3- no legs, because why add more clipping? :)
4- Dress splits at legs because I erased the weights to add body bounce :( This I am most sorry for.