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Bows made for Mages.(Requires Dragonborn)

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This is the first mod I've made that seemed good enough to release, so any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Dragonborn is required because the meshes and textures are based off of the Nordic Bow and therefore some of the necessary files are contained in it.


I had been wanting a bow that had a more "magical" look to it, but I never found anything I really liked. So I dicided to make my own. I'm not the best modeler(and I'm even worse at textuing) so I just modified the Nordic Bow to suit my own tastes. I'm also pretty new to using nifscope so if anyone finds anything I screwed up in there, or knows somthing I did wrong, any instruction you could give would help.

There are two versions of the Bow right now, grey with a blue glow and black with a red glow. Both have the stats of a Deadric Bow but are slightly lighter. I might do more later but this is all I have now.

Both are craftable under Deadric and require the Arcane Blacksmith perk

Arcane Bow
1xQuick Silver Ingot
2xSteel Ingot
1xFilled Grand Soulgem

Dark Arcane Bow
1xEbony Ingot
2xSteel Ingot
1xFilled Black Soulgem


Simply copy and paste the .esp and the two folders into your Skyrim Data folder


I don't see any reason this mod would conflict with anything but if anyone finds a conflict, be sure to let me know.


If anyone would like to use this in their own mod, that's fine just give me credit.(And if possible let me know your going to use it so I can see the mod myself)


The meshes and textures were modified by me, but thanks to Bethesda for the originals.

Future Updates

I plan to make more color/glow variation and would like to add some sort of magic effect holding the pieces of the bow together, but at the moment I don't know how to do that. On the off chance that someone would like to teach me how, I would be very grateful.