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Adds a few traditional TES spells that missing in Skyrim.

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[size=7]Illusion and Mysticism Spells[/size]

Adds a few traditional TES spells.
There are about 15 unique spells distributed between roughly 60 spell tomes.

If you have played Oblivion and Morrowind, you'll recognize these spells.
If you need more information check out the
read-me which is also included in the archive.

List of spells and their effects

- Anticaster
(Pandemonium ) Target is unable to cast some of their spells.
( Silence ) Target is unable to cast any spells.

- Command
( Possess Creature ) Command creature.
( Subjugate ) Command humanoid.

- Combat and Stealth
( Sanctuary ) Caster gains a chance to dodge physical attacks.
( Chameleon ) Caster is harder to detect at distance.
( Hide, Ghostwalk, Spectral Form ) Invisibility.
( Muffle ) Reduces movement noise at the cost of some movement speed.
( Apparition ) Muffle, without swiftness penalty.

- Light
( Beacon, Bright Flare, Balefire ) Creates a gravity-bound sphere of light. Balefire sticks to surfaces.
( Third, Sixth Visions ) Night-Eye on self.

- Mind Influence
(Charm ) Improve barter and persuasion.


( Absorb Speed ) Slows a target, grants the caster half of that speed.
( Mark ) Marks a place.
( Recall ) Teleports caster to previously placed mark.
( Divine Intervention ) Teleports caster to a close by or far away divine alter.
( Detect Enchantment ) Sense items imbued with magic.
( Mirror - Sotha's, Shalidor's, Llivam's) Reflects single-projectile spells.
( Spelldrinker ) Spell absorption.

These spells are unlocked with the perk closest to the cursor:

Compatible with X?

  • I didn't change any perks, only the skill-tree layout. *
  • I didn't change any spells (with one exception, Invisibility).

* Well, the description in some cases and minimum skill level to acquire them.
At any rate, none of these spells rely on anything in those perks other than the FormID.
In other words, you may remove any changes (with Tes5Edit) to vanilla perks made by this mod,
without losing any offered functionality. At least that's a formal goal.

Obtaining the spells

Check with the Winterhold crew and your favourite court wizards.
There is also a debug-spell called "iam add" something. It will add all the playable spells.
Help it in console to get the formId and run player.addspell {formid} or player.cast {formid} player left.

Technical details

The spells are added to the various leveled lists.
Get Wrye Bash and merge (bashed patch) any plugins you have that alter leveled lists.
Common examles of such plugins are spell and armor plugins.

Creating a bashed patch:

1. run Wrye Bash
2. enable the [Mods] tab
3. right-click the /File/ column heading
4. navigate to; File -- [New Bashed Patch...]
5. locate "Bashed Patch, 0.esp" in the mod list
6. right-click that entry
7. select; [Rebuild Patch...]
8. click on [Ok]/[Skip]; [Build Patch]
9. observe the progress indication bar and inspect the report (Optional)
10. Profit (Optional)

Beta Version

Please bear in mind that versions of this mod below 1 are in beta.
It is my intention to make the versions with one decimal number stable and suitable
for a broader public. You are welcome to provide bug reports or just share your
opinion about the spells. Comments such as "It doesn't work" will mostly be ignored.
I expect reports of misbehavior to include at least a location, a description of the NPC
in question, the name of the spell and the expected outcome. Thank you for taking the
time to help me out!

[size=7]Requires SKSE[/size]

A couple of spells might do something when it's not installed, but most of them are based on SKSE.