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This mod adds a unique Archery Merchant/Trainer and Follower/Companion to the town of Whiterun with his own special shop that has a view out of every window as well as VERY complete line of Bows and Arrows...pretty much ALL of a price.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to my mod Whiterun Archery Pro Shop. Where Whiterun gets a new Merchant/Trainer selling exclusive Quick Shot Bows/Crossbows and most ALL types of Arrows/Bolts in the game.

---Les The Hunter---

He (Les The Hunter) lives in his unique home behind Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun. He's a Merchant plus Marksman Trainer (NON DLC VERSION ONLY) and can function as a Follower...and yes is Marryable, thought I'd put that in too...why not!? He has most ALL perks pertaining to Archery and some magic. He won't set off traps and will respawn at the shop if killed. He has A LOT of money behind his shop so he CAN actually buy those sets of crazy smithed out armor and weapons we all like to make. Please note that he DOESN'T SELL 24/7. He does sleep and eat...realism :-) Though he WILL sell anywhere during selling hours.

---The Shop---

Nothing says Archery like a 30' Hunting Bow on the it follows you home, so I took it out and replaced it with a nice banner.
His home is unique as it's not an actual Interior cell. You can see out the windows and watch people and the scenery change and move. It's higher than the city walls and is visible from outside the town. The lighting inside is relevant to the time of day as well because of all this. It's stick built to do this so it taxes the video ram a tiny bit so if it CTDs it's because of too much detail going on in your game. I had to turn my detail down a little to be stable but that's normal for anyone playing this game. HD textures play a part in this, so keep this in mind if you have issues. For the most part it runs fine even with several other Whiterun mods on :-)

---What "Les The Hunter" Sells---

-In the DAWNGUARD version only, he sells Crossbows and Bolts with Incendiary and Paralysis variations of each.
-He sells most All ARROWS in the game (16 kinds +/-) including my own special Incendiary Arrows and Glass Paralysis Arrows.
-He sells most All BOWS in the game (15 Kinds +/-) including his own special 4x enchanted Nightingale Bow. No Crossbows yet...making Dawnguard version.
-All the bows he sells are special and have a draw speed of 3.5~7x normal.
-There's also an Enchanting table located on the porch for customizing your new bow.

---His Bows---
Draugr Drainspell Bow "bound"
Nord Hero
Quick Draw Nightingale05
His own Special High Powered Nightingale05 with 4 special enchantments 2x that of it's predecessor.

---His Crossbows (DAWNGUARD DLC Version)---

Quick Shot Regular
Quick Shot Regular Enhanced
Quick Shot Dwarven
Quick Shot Dwarven Enhanced

---His Arrows---
Herdened Steel
Nord Hero
Dwarven Centurion
Follower Iron
My own Personal "INCENDIARY ARROWS For Player & Followers as well as my New "Glass Paralysis Arrows."

---His Bolts---

Regular Steel
Steel Fire
Steel Ice
Steel Shock
Steel Incendiary
Steel Incendiary Follower
Steel Paralysis
Dwarven Regular
Dwarven Fire
Dwarven Ice
Dwarven Shock
Dwarven Incendiary
Dwarven Incendiary Follower
Dwarven Paralysis


-Must have SKYRIM version 1.8.151 or greater, 1.9.32 is best.
-You MUST run Dawnguard with the Dawnguard DLC Version.
-A good video card is always recommended for this game with 1Gb ram+
-"Whiterun trees" will interfere with this mod or any other that places a new building or object(s) in Whiterun in the area of the new house.

---In closing---

If you like this mod please remember to ENDORSE it ad feel free to try my other mods. Also I ask that any bugs please be messaged to me so I can improve this mod for all :-) Thank you to all who have helped with this thus are my reason for making these mods. Special thanks to Danariel for helping me squash the bugs.

If you have any problems with this mod, suggestions for things you'd like to see in it OR if you have a mod that you'd like to have made, please feel free to Private Message me with the request. Thanks for trying my mod.

~~~Please follow me on to keep up with what is to come~~~

Just know I don't do HD texturing or retexturing in general so please don't ask.

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