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Whiterun Mansion is a new living house for the player designed with Whiterun architecture. Main Features are General Store, Light version available, Control Room, Stable, Spa.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • German

Basically this house is for people who like serenity and confort. Since couple of month i was creating and was testing this house until now. It is designed with Whiterun architecture and so with the vanilla feel. The navmesh have been edited outside and inside the house and are free from bug and clipping. I have incorporated the "General Store" Mod from Harvey2112 to bring his superb sorter system to my house. I also add in version 3 a control room to provide a lot more customization.

A big Thanks to Apoqsi for making this updated video from the version 3.31 !

General Features:

  • Control Room (For more customization)
  • Auto Sorting systeme (Can be disable through the control room)
  • Teleporter spell (To come back to the house from anywhere.)
  • Portal to Whiterun and Solitude
  • 15 Mannequins (Can be Disable through the Control Room)
  • 7 sets of 5 weapons rack
  • 6 weapon plates
  • No loading Door inside (All in one cell)
  • Indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Inside matching outside
  • Exterior Spa (Can be Enable through the control room)
  • Exterior Fountain (Can be Enable through the control room)
  • Ydina the servant (Merchant, Can be Disable through the Control Room)
  • Light Version For Low End Computer (Can be Enable through the Control Room)
  • Dragon Priest Mask Display (Can be Enable through the Control Room)
  • Dragon Claws Display
  • Thief Guild Display (Can be Enable through the Control Room)
  • Bug Jar Display (Can be Enable through the Control Room)
  • And More....

News & Future Updates

I would like to announce you that I keep working on the "Control Room" to provide more customization to the mod. I will need you to share what you would like and what you don't like so I can start to change things. This feature was found in fallout 3 and fallout new vegas. I personaly realy like it and I would like to add this feature to my mod.

Next Update...

Light switchs Unplanned
Option to remove the 2 basement beds and replace by weapon plate and rack BUG
Option to remove exit from basement to backyard Removed,Unplanned


Download the version you like and clic "Download with manager" Button. Install with nmm as well.
For manual installation, Download and copy all files from the data folders located in the "Whiterun mansion.7zip" to your skyrim data folders.

How to own this house ?

First you will have to go in the back yard and kill the bear who killed the owner and his wife and then you will find the key on the owner dead body.
After looted the two NPCs and the bear you can bury them with the shovel which is standing beside The Big flower tree. This will make them to get disable. So they won't be laying there until the cell get reset.

Release notes:

  • v3.2 Added new features to the control room, Reworked Portal, Added Light Version for Low End Computer.
  • v3.1 Added new features to the control room, Reworked lighting, Added new destination to the portal.
  • v3.0 Added a control room to provide more customization.
  • v2.1 Fixed crash to desktop when going in the map from interior cell.
  • v2.0 Merged ESP, Added a stable for one horse, reworked interior and exterior, added a 2nd sleeping room.
  • v1.31c Added an light version for low end computer. No shadow. Inside is in 3 cells for beter performance, Removed some trees and foliages outside.
  • v1.31abc Fixed anoying wind sound and Background sound inside.
  • v1.3a and 1.3b Fixed the left bench, your follower can now sit on it. Fixed the keep chest being seen inside general store chest. The backyard trap door is now visible but inaccessible until you use it from the basement. Centered the portal reflector in whiterun. Moved the bench in backyard for a more logical location. Fixed the gap to the left of the balcony door. Fixed the followers chest being backwards (GS). Fixed the soul gem chest and desk chest being backward(noGS). Fixed the language of some chests being in french(noGS).
  • v1.22 Fixed Navmesh in and out. Your follower can now use the front door. Your follower can now sit on the bench in the entrance. Added bench in the smithing area. Moved coc marker on the balcony over the front door. So it will not push you when you walk on.Changed the grass outside to be more suitable with Whiterun. The Front door was not locked. I fixed that.
  • v1.181 Fixed stove button not showing up after updating from 1.15ab.[/b]
  • v1.18 Fixed the door marker from balcony so you dont fall between the balcony and the roof.
  • v1.17 The NPC won't disapear anymore after looting the corpses. Go to the big tree and use the shovel to bury the NPC. Fixed the shadow stripping again. fixed a lighting problem in the lobby. Removed useless thing. Adjusted the display cases. The door from balcony is now loading Tamriel correctly after using teleport spell.
  • v1.15b Same as 1.15a but without general store.
  • v1.15a Added balcony, added skyforge keyword to the forge, added trap door from basement to backyard, Improved backyard lighting, added Follower Chest in basement, Changed wardrobe in master chamber for an GS armors and clothes storage. Changed many movable clutters to static clutters.
  • v1.10a & 1.10b Fixed Shadow Stipping, Fixed front door bug after using teleporter spell, Cleaned ESP, Minor clipping fixed.
  • v1.01a & 1.01b Improved Lighting a little bit, fixed many clipping issues outside the house. Back yard Key same as front door.
  • v1.01b Removed General Store and replaced by some chests
  • v1.00 Initial release

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Where is the control room ?
A: The control room is located in the Backyard. You will need to activate the Dibella statue to access it.

Q: Where is the teleporter spell ?
A: To get the teleport spell you will have to find the book "Dwemer Research Note" and read it. It is located at the upper level beside the enchanting table.

Q:How can I fix the flying Grass around the house?
A:Make sure to load Whiterun Mansion.esp last in your plugin list. And make sure these line are set like that in your skyrim.ini.

Making of a Clean save

1. Remove all your stuff from all chest, bookshelf, weapon plates, mannequins and weapon racks.
2. Exit the house and Save.
3. Exit the game.
4. In NMM, uninstall all Whiterun Mansion's related files.
5. Lunch the game and load you save. (The house should be disappear)
6. Save your game and Exit Game.
7. Reinstall the Whiterun Mansion's related files. (With the newest Version)
8. Play

Known Incompatibility:

Whiterun Mansion is not compatible with:
  • Elysium Estate by thejadeshadow
  • Whiterun Outskirts Market by RadioBoX
  • Tropical Skyrim. It's Working but clipping might happen.

Thanks and Credits:

Thanks to SLuckyD For Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix
Thanks to Harvey2112 For General Stores - storage resource for packrats

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