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This is a port of the meshes and textures of the Cynthia Nilfgaardian Outfit, from \"The Witcher 2\".

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This is a port of the meshes and textures of the Cynthia Nilfgaardian Outfit, from "The Witcher 2".

Ver1.0 released
First of all, let me say thank you for all the support you guys are giving me, thanks a lot!
The mod now is even on the front page!
Now let's get back to business: ver.1.0 is out, which features both a hooded version and a hoodless version. Basically I cut off the hood, even if in the beginning the idea was to actually create a separated hood, a headpiece to wear over the hoodless version. I'm not saying I won't do something like that sometime soon, but I decided to release this version first.
I changed the .esp file, so my suggestion is to uninstall the beta release and reinstall ver 1.0.
I changed the recipe: the outfit is still craftable, but it requires a couple more material. It was way too easy to craft this powerful outift!
I also made it buyable, even if, I have to admit that, I haven't found a single vendor who's selling this. Maybe I should try with Solitude, they sell fancy stuff there.
Unfortunately, the boots are too high to be removed so at the moment this is still a one piece armor. I'm tryind to find a way to separate the boots from the rest of outfit but they're very high, and the Creation Kit doesn't like that. Maybe some of you guys could give me a hint on this?
The bad news is: I'm still trying to fix the Wet&Cold glitch, so at the moment all I can do is suggest you to turn the player effects off on the MCM menu. Again, a little help would be very much appreciated!

So this is it, stay tuned for more updates!

Please note that this is not entirely my work, since I extracted the models and the texture and then I changed
the values in the Creation Kit and fixed some other stuff, while a friend did all the modeling.
I'm still trying to learn a thing or two about 3D softwares.

The armor can be crafted at any forge, under the Leather section.

It's UNP compatible and it's female only, obviously.

Since it's a "one piece" outfit, you can't change the boots nor remove the hood.
However, the hood works with most of the vanilla hair, and it works with other popular hair mods,
even if minor clipping may occur when you're wearing fancy haircuts.

There's a glitch with Wet&Cold/Get Snowy, I believe because of some issues with the alpha layers.
I still need to figure out how to fix that, (actually I'm very open to suggestions)
but basically your body is covered in snow and you become a snowman. If you're in Solstheim, you are covered in ashes.

I need to work a little more on this mod, so consider this a beta release.
Like I said, I'm open to suggestions, but keep in mind that at the moment I can't fix anything


Download with the NMM button or download and extract in your Data folder.
If you're updating from 0.9b to 1.0, you have to unistall the previous version and install the last one.
Type "help nilfgaardian 4" if you don't want to buy/craft this armor.

Thanks to
CDProjectRED for the models and the textures
I used GIBBED's RED Tool to extract them.
The guy who modeled the skeleton and adjusted the whole thing.
Hodilton and Saiodin for the beautiful videos.