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At long last! Uncle Sheo teaches you how to train your Dragon! probably best not to listen.

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REDDIT CODING DOES NOT WORK. Excuse the horrible coding errors.

It's here! My Dragonborn edition of the (shut up, It's called wishful thinking) ultra popular Uncle Sheo mods based off of Tumbleworld's [Uncle Sheogorath's Really Helpful Hints and Tips] ( This just makes the Dragonborn load screens real crazy-like.

Special note for the most devout Sheogorath-worshippers: Feel free to upload your own screenshots. They are appreciated greatly.

My Other Uncle Sheo Mods (I hope the coding I learned on Reddit apply here):
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More notes: This requires Dragonborn. If you ask that, you will immediately be teleported over suicide hill. Please upload your screenshots for all of my mod pages, as I seldom see them. Don't forget to endorse.

Special Thanks: My fans (I'm pretty sure you exist), and Spotify. You both make the Creation Kit bearable.