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-) Skyrim updated with latest patch
-) Dragonborn DLC


Big thanks for that awsome videso to hodilton and Brodual, please visit their channels and give them likes.

This time I would first like to thank personally a person, which greatly inspired me at the creation of this house. It's dedicated to him, as I think he sadly
quited modding. One of his last pictures was the Shaman's Home. Once I've seen it I thought damn I need this. Sadly he didn't continue to work on it at the moment. So this house is inspired by the following picture. Sure it's different and I created the inside and also changed the surrounding environment, tho it was not really my idea. I hope you understand that and enjoy my version of the mod. Please see it as honoration of a great modder !

by RatFinkk
Also you should visit his page and check out his great homes

Well now I would like you to tell a little bit about the home. This time it's a smaller home which is cosy and themed around the life of a Shaman. The name of the house is Shaman's Hut. To get it you have to kill the previous owner which turned crazy, and awaits you outside the house. The house itself uses the giant mudcrab shell as base and is overgrown by a telvanni mushroom. Inside you will find a really cozy and fine atmsophere. The base structure is also a mushroom. Also each thing is sized appropriate to the outside. You'll even see the smoke of the cooking place outside.
You can find the house directly outside morthal, which provides a nice and realistic location for a Shaman.

Special feature:
A unique Voodoo doll created by a really great modder named Tamira.
The doll will give you the "Spirit of Voodoo" once you activated it, which enhanced your potions by 10 percent for 30 minutes and your magicka by 80 for 8 hours. It also cures your diseases.

Now to the features of the house !!

- Unique really unique looking home
- some flora aroudn the house
- Nice lightning

- cooking place
- alchemy table and enchanting station
- custom made sleeping map by Tamira
- 3 weapon racks
- unique design to look totally like a Shaman's house, where he collects crazy various creatures

Small cave:
- 1 Mannequin to store your favorite Shaman's outfit
- unqiue structure and lot's of flora and mushrooms
- usable alchemy cauldron
- the voodoo doll
- sleeping place for a follower
- small water palce, with 2 fishes

I would propose you to use the NMM manager to install this modification, because it's the easiest way.

Klick on the download with NMM manager button and install the mod.

If you want to install this mod manually, you have to download it and unpack the archive somewhere. After you unpacked it drop the ShamansHut.esp and .bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder. Later on chose your prefered launcher and activate the .esp.

Again I suggest using the NMM, which provides a much easier way to handle mods.

Deactivate the mod in the NMM mod list and delete it afterwards.

Remove the Wildhunt_Manor.esp and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Q: Could you please add this and that for me ?
A: Maybe if you tell me what you want. Or you can leave a comment with suggestions.

Q: Is that mod cleaned with TES5Edit ?
A: Yes ofc. it was cleaned and checked with TES5Edit.

Q: Where is that home ?
A: You can find it near morthal. There is a map marker visible once you installed the house. You can also look on the Location screenshot, which is included.

Q: Why is there no Quest or sth. like that ?
A: Sadly I am not good enough at the moment to make quests.

Oaristys & Tony67 for their fantastic Modders Resource pack
Tamira for creating the awsome sleeping mat and the Voodoo doll with the sticks.
Bethesda for creation of the game and the CK

Finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!!


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