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A highly detailed set of Armor.

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I get a lot of requests on this mod, some people also want me to continue updating it. I can say I have no such plans for this mod, it's time to move on, people who want to use this with their mod or to make updates for this mod for Skyrim or SSE have my permission to do so. (Just make sure to leave a link to it :) )
Peace ya'll, cya in TES:VI!
Much love,

Armor Of Intrigue
by L0rd0fWar and Patobek
Version 1.0.0
-Added a new optional file (Bagde Color Variations).
-Added a new update file (Support for Beast Races, Satchels issues and some conflicting ID's).
-Added a new optional file (New Lighter Textures for the users who do not use any Lighting or ENB mods).
-Added a new update file (Lowered the prices of the set, Added un-enchanted pieces).
-Added a new update file (Heavy Version of The Armor).
Look at the change log.

"... Every son or daughter that comes to the Order, must renounce his past. Sons and daughters who came into the order, you can not get out of order and deny Him, for becoming Emissary Intrigue, left them to death ..."

Intrigue Armor is a Male only Light Armor and is perhaps one of the most detailed Armor out on the Nexus. Here you can see its Image Render. Here is the 3D HQ render. You will have to wait for the Textures to load (Normal Maps only). How much will you wait? That highly depends on your Internet Connection.
It is highly customizable and fits every type of playing style. From mage to thief, from adventurer to assassin and so on.
Intrigue Armor consists of many equipment which can be attached to The Armor - Bags, pouches, keys, potions, daggers, badges, lockpicking tools and five satchels that can be crafted depending you your play style.
All of this craftable Addons give you some bonus, you don't just craft and use them for a "decoration".
All the pieces are using HQ textures, so you will just enjoy wearing this real-looking Armor.
And No, I do not know which hair or face mods are used in the images. You will have to ask the person who took them.
And No, I will not make any kind of skimpy updates.
Remember to Track this mod for future Updates.

- Use the Nexus Mod Manager or download the mod manually.
- Unrar the .rar file and drop it's Data folder to Skyrim's main folder.
- Check ArmorOfIntrigue.esp from the Skyrim Launcher or the Nexus Mod Manager.
- Enjoy

-Skyrim Version
-Requires Steel Smithing Perk. The Armor can be crafted under Leather Category at The Forge.

- May conflict with some ID's from other mods. That means when you equip a part of The Armor some other parts from other mods become unequiped. It is nearly impossible to fix this because we have limited ID's.
Post a screenshot or let me know if you find some bugs. Please do not post any pics on which The Armor clips and looks bad with other Armor mods.

The Armor parts are meant to by used only on this Armor, and not on the others. You can use them on other armors of course, but they will look weird and they will clip. Maybe you can find some Armor on which will this parts look good, but I suggest you don't use them elsewhere except on this Armor.
When equipping the cape I suggest you have The Hood equipped with it, it's made to go with the hood, not stand-alone. Also equipping The Shoulders without The Hood will just look weird.
Mods that add different objects to the player may conflict with Intrigue Armor and cause clipping. One such mod may be Bandolier - Bags and Pouches by Dragten.

-Adding The Quest. (No ETA).
-Fixing the cape to not float in the air. (No ETA).
-Adding a Heavy Version(Textures Only. No .esp for now).
-Adding a version of unenchanted Armor Parts.
-Lowering the prices of several Armor Parts.
-Adding optional lighter textures for the people that complained that The Armor is too dark.
-Making some Armor parts compatible with beast races.
-Adding more Heart Stone badge color options.
-Fixing the crafting issue of getting 4 satchels when crafted.

This are The Armor parts, their descritption and the required materials to craft them. The icons you see in the top right corner shows you where The Armor parts are crafted whether at The Forge or at a Tanning Rack.

The Cuirass is made of chainmail and pure studded leather over it for increased protection. There is also an attached sword girdle which holds most of the craftable Addons.

The Hood is made of pure cloth which has a mask, the mask can be taken off on purpose. The hood has also detachable cloth Shoulders which can also be taken off.

The Cape is just an cosmetic item. It does not protect the wearer in any ways.

The Gloves are made of pure leather. They perfectly fit a skilled swordsman and give them a nice grip for fast sword swinging and quick kills.

The Boots are made of hardened leather. They are light and they allows the wearer to move quickly without making any sound.

The Satchels are made of leather and when crafted they give you bonus depending on what you choose. Some of the most important things that assures a characters survival have found their place in the satchel.

The Addons can be attached to the Armor and they give you bonuses. For example The Locpicking Tools Addon gives you 30% easier Lockpicking and so on.

If you wish to use this armor set for your mod, please ask me by message first.
Do Not upload the content of this mod anywhere without asking me first. You may modify this Armor only for your personal use. Everything else is strictly Forbidden without asking me first.
You can upload translations of this mod, but let me know first so I can put links to them here.
You can upload your screenshots here too.

(Click on the Images)

patobek General Design.
L0rd0fWar Blender, Nifskope and Creation Kit work. Check his awesome work here.
Thoddy398 German translation which can be found here.
DDevil95 Italian translation which can be found here.
criswolf09 Spanish translation which can be found here.
DanielPas Polish translation which can be found here.
Berenarion For the phrase. And more of it which will be added when the quest comes out.
Natterforme Name suggestor.
solsikke737 Testing and Taking Screenshots.
VictoriaG Testing and Taking Screenshots.
greyblood Testing and Taking Screenshots.
kaldaar Testing and Taking Screenshots.
m14aria Testing and Taking Screenshots.
wonkonuba Testing and Taking Screenshots.
Modd3r Testing and Taking Screenshots.
Witcher5688 Extracting some Witcher 2 assets.
Gopher for making a video review of which I do not have words except "Awesome". Go check his YouTube channel and subscribe to him.
hodilton for making such a beautiful video review. Go check his YouTube channel and subscribe to him.
Chayification for making such a cool and detailed video review. Go check his YouTube channel and subscribe to him.
Brodual for making a very nice and detailed review which shows and explains all the things about The Armor. Go check their YouTube channel and subscribe to them.
The Dagger you see on The Armor and on the frames of the images is made by InsanitySorrow and used here with his permission. The Dagger comes from a great mod of his called Unique Uniques. Go check it out.
SalazarDrago for making the .esp for lowered Armor prices and un-enchanted Armor pieces.
Bethesda for Skyrim and it's assets.
Some of The Armor's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by Bluehole Studio and used here with permission.
TERA is a trademark of Bluehole Studio. All rights reserved. Bluehole Studio.
Most parts of The Armor's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt RED and used here with permission. The Witcher 2 is a trademark of CD Projekt RED. All rights reserved. CD Projekt RED.

Thanks to all the people who kept me motivated and gave me suggestions on Improving This Set.
Give kudos to all the people in the Credits, they all deserve it.
Download, Comment & Endorse if you like.