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More Navmesh edits, i have just found some new things to do with navmesh so i a doing them. also i will be doing a few other things to make this better.

Please Read The Full DESCRIPTION. And More images coming tomorrow.

It is sort of hard to explain what it does But here goes.
This is a mod that changed most if not all of the city Dawnstar.
All interiors now hove some more clutter. And chests that a thief may avail him/her self of.

Wind peak inn, Has had a major change. It now has a different look than the other inn's around skyrim, The Bar is at the other end, there is two dinner tables (no more 4 table's on either wall) and 3 tables at the back of the Tavern. there is now more npc interaction and so on.

The White hall, I haven't changed much in here, the main thing is the court mages room has had a major make over, and she no longer shares her shop/quarters with the town CO, he now lives up stairs.

The mortar and pestle now looks like an alchemists shop. Plenty of ingredients contains and displays.
And so on The list could go on for pages and pages. Please look at the images for more information.

Now The Exterior of Dawnstar has had some changes. for starters there is a few new building's/houses.
Temple of Arkay, has been placed in front of the guard house.
A House just North of the Iron Breaker mine.
A Boat House on the shore of the bay.
A Merchant ship that sells various items, that will be In Dawnstar during the week then it will travel to Windhelm for the weekend.
Moved Leif Wayfinders Ship out the bay some more.

Plus Lots Lots More.

Unique Things
The two banners on the southern imperial wall of Dawnstar will change to imperial if the CW quest completes, and vice versa.

The Merchant ship in Dawnstar Has a script that places it in two places, During the week The Ship and its two Inhabitants will be in Dawnstar docked so you can buy some items.

Mr Bronzefish Will take his boat out fishing during the afternoon.

The Non Existent Tree's in Dawn star can be Activated By using a book That Can Be Found On A Crate On the dock in Dawnstar.

A Boat to Transport you to an island just out of Dawnstar.

YOU CAN BUILD YOUR HOUSE. BEWARE IT CAN BE QUITE EXPENSIVE. Speak to Leif Wayfinder He has a quest to find some salts. once that is completed you should Be able to open his shop and you'll be able to buy his items to rebuild the house. NOW This should work i have just tested it and as soon as you pick up the salts his shop becomes available.
Spoiler* Highlight Below to read.
Or you can dive in the Bay in Dawnstar to find A Strongbox that has all the book scripted items. OR goto the tower on the island and bring up the console " ` " Key below The Esc key, and type tcl and walk into the tower and collect your stuff in the strong box.

Now i cant test this properly as i had to re install Skyrim (Leif wayfinder's shop working) please tell me if it don't work.

New Npc's & Edited Npc's
There is lots of new npc's to be found in this town. Two new family's and about 10+ other new npc's.
A Bandit in the Prison.
A Beggar Named, Wilde the Cold
A Child Urchin named, Haviland the Urchen
A hire able Maid For your new house, Fahliil The Maid, she will go into town at nights.
Sahqo Daughter of Frida, She Guards your island when you hire her.
Caecilius Metellus, Another Guard that guards your island and visits the local tavern.
Morah, Another Guard that guards your island and visits the local tavern.
Three New dock hands that visit various places including the local tavern and in the city Dawnstar itself, But mainly on your island. Names: Janr, Gr'aldi, Ca, othy.
Lauraa Westaway and Soli Westaway, Soli Is the local Lumberjack.
Edirus, is a monk at the Temple of Arkay.
Drifka, is also a monk at the Temple of arkay.
Captain Elton, is the captain and merchant on the Merchant ship.
Garrett is Captain Elton's Guard and friend.
Cronkar BronzeFish, is a fisherman.
Yeerlin BronzeFish, is Cronkar's son.
Eevie Bronzefish, The Mother of the house.
3 new dawnstar Guards that will be at 3 places.

Leif wayfinder Has had his outfit changed. And his crew has had some new packages.

Three New Dawnstar Guards, two that will patrol the two walls that have been added. and one that will follow the player in the white hall. now the guards will change if another faction take over so it starts out as a stormcloak place and the guards will change to an imperial soldier.

Things This Doesn't Edit
Both the Mines remain unedited. I am unsure if i want to immersifie them.
The Dawnstar Sanctuary. This is going to remain completely unedited as there is plenty of mods that already do this.

How To Install
Download With NMM and activate.
Download And Extract the Contents of the .rar into your Skyrim/Data directory
Deactivate in Nmm or delete the contents of the .rar (in your data folder)

Any Question's Please ask, There is a 95% chance ill respond. unless this get crazily popular. (probably wont)

Teddy Bear: Near An Orphan's Bed:
Original model of the teddy: Abitor (
Insanity sorrow for his tutorial "Importing models into Skyrim" (
and for his Graphic artistry classes on Tes Alliance (
The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit

Darkfox127 For his awesome Tutorials.

Paintings and Frames by Artisanix

Strotis Outdoor Toilet Resource by Stroti and Tamira

Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67