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9 divines blessings are poor in vanilla skyrim. This mod improves them and their amulets all over!

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  • Spanish

This mod improves 9 divines blessings and their amulets.
They are not attractive in vanilla,so I made this mod.

-Effects List-

All effects last 10 days.

Blessing:Destruction spells are 15% stronger.Magicka regenerates 20% faster.
Amulet:Magicka regenerates 25% faster.Increases Magic Resistance by 15%.

Blessing:Damage from undeads decreases by 30%.Increases your health by 25 points.
Amulet:Health regenerates 20% faster.Increases your health by 15 points.

Blessing:Damage from the opposite sex decreases by 20%.+15 Speechcraft.
Amulet:+10 Speechcraft.Increases Poison Resistance by 30%.

Blessing:Magic skills improve 10% faster.Increases your Magicka by 25 points.
Amulet:Increases your Magicka by 15 points.Destruction and Alteration spells cost 10% less to cast.

Blessing:Stamina regenerates 30% faster.Damage from animals decreases by 30%.50% resistant to disease.
Amulet:Increases your stamina by 20 points.Increases your carry weight by 20 points.

Blessing:Restoration spells cost 20% less to cast.Restoration skill improves 30% faster.
Amulet:Restoration spells cost 15% less to cast.Calm spells work on higher level opponents by 5 levels.

Blessing:Block 15% more damage with your shield.Increase Heavy and Light Armor skill by 15 points.
Amulet:Block 10% more damage with your shield.Shield Bashing causes shock damage to your enemy.

Blessing:Time between shouts is reduced 30%.Weapon damage to Elves increases by 30%.
Amulet:Time between shouts is reduced 20%.Increases Frost Resistance by 20%.

Blessing:Prices are 20% better.Carrying capacity increases by 50.Speechcraft skill improves 20% faster.
Amulet:Prices are 20% better.Weapons and armor can be improved 10% better.

Blessing:Allows you to zoom bows and crossbows.You are 15% more effective with missile weapons.

Spanish Translation here!