The Cheese of Ages by Merte
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The search for a legendary cheese recipe sets you out on a journey across Skyrim. Explore new dungeons and meet memorable characters voiced by an extensive cast of nine excellent voice actors.




Butsaay: Red Willy

InquisitorHayes: Marim, Niles

Mitchell Haerle: Gmork, Franz
(YouTube: Mitchrh22)

TheManlyStanley: Mr. Dale, Dar'Zem

DeanCutty: Sven

Jonathan Jones: Baltazar

Jason Pollard: Jim-Jim
(YouTube: chevronrock

CptJakeman: Ma'Razu

Merte: Ra'Vagi, Trygve, Urgle



You will be approached by a courier once you venture near a populated area. He will give you a letter, which starts the quest.



Helgen Reborn incompatibility.
The Cheese of Ages is not fully compatible with the Helgen Reborn mod, since the Helgen location is used as part of the quest. All this quest does to the areas is to add a small box inside the rubble of one of the houses, so you may still be able to retrieve Marim's ring from Helgen depending on which state the rebuilding of the town is.

The NPCs do not react when I try to talk to them.
This is a common issue with the Creation Kit. Save the game and load the save, this should fix it.

Urgle runs back to her original position and refuses to continue.
This issue probably has something to do with her AI behaviour and will be looked into. For now, you will have to be quick and kill the draugr that appear before she reaches them.

The quest won't finish when I return to Red Willy afrer completing Baltazar's Lair.
This is most likely due to a scripting bug in Baltazar's chamber. Since this part can be solved in different ways, there may be combinations of player behaviour that haven't been dealt with. Luckily this works correctly for most players, and the issue will be addressed in a future update.