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this is simple mod that adds young caravan members and various children wears to the game

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What this mod do?
are you sick of looking at ugly children clothes in Skyrim?
do you want to see little Khajiit following Caravans?
here's nice mod for you.
This is simple mod that adds young caravan members and various children wears to the game.

see my quick tutorial video to learn how to use this mod

new children by Ixodes ( )

Highly recommend to use NMM


1.delete all files that belong to this mod (use NMM!) quick travel once the game and turn off the game

4.(optional) if you have adopted child give a new wear with heathfire system (they will be naked :P)

male merchant some times does not have voice for his dialog.

1. If you have clipping issue with hoods, or other hats please install "head fix" file at file page

2. if you have issue with different between head and body. it means you didn't install new children by Ixodes ( )

3. after un-install this mod if you see some children who have been naked. try to do fast travel once. this will fix the issue.

4.if skall armor is not appearing at game. that is because you don't have Dragonborn DLC. please download Skall armor mesh and texture file at file page.

basic body mesh for clothes parts
new children by Ixodes ( )
ps. I send massage to him to get permission, but couldn't get any respond from him. if he give me complaint. I will remove this page from Skyrim Nexus. thank you

basic script source reference for spell sweet suggestive words.
Followers Equip From Inventory ALWAYS by DistantDeath aka JacobSuitt
( )

awesome guy who fixed my broken sweet suggestive words script.
Gorilla at Elder Scroll 7 Naver Cafe

Face gen file- pretty khajiit( by tktk1