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This mod adds more hotkeys for Favorites Menu.

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I am not good at English. So enough support is not possible, please understand it.

[ What is this mod? ]
This mod adds more hotkeys for Favorites Menu.

[ Requirements ]
Skyrim 1.8.151 or 1.9.32
SKSE 1.6.7+

[ Features ]
- Easy-to-use MCM interface.
- You can assign any keys you want.
- You can assign the same key to multiple items/spells.
- Additional action slot. "Use" "Eat" "Equip" "Cast" "Power/Shout" etc.
- Chain Cast is also available.
- Dedicated hotkeys for Vampire Lord.

[ Installation ]
Using NMM:
1) Run NMM.
2) Select the mod in the Mods tab of NMM and then drag and drop HotKeysPP.7z
3) Press the "Activates the selected Mod" button.
4) The installer will detect your skyrim version automatically.
5) When asked if you want to overwrite existing files, say "Yes to all".

Using BAIN (Wrye Bash):
1) Run Wrye Bash.
2) Select the mod in the Installers tab of Wrye Bash and then drag and drop HotKeysPP.7z
3) When asked if you want to copy or move, you chose either one.
4) Right-clicked and then select the Wizard.
5) Wizard detects your skyrim version automatically.
6) Check the Apply these selections and Install this package and then press the finish at the end.

[ Special Thanks ]

[ Change Log ]
- Fixed a bug that may make you crush to desktop when unequips with toggle option.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes previous one-handed weapon is not equipped after you unequip two-handed weapon.

- Added an ability to register all equipped item/spells.
- Added a system menu.
- Fixed a deadlock bug when transform into werewolf/vampire load.
- Added option "Re-Equip After Running".
- Dual casting is now available.
- Fixed a bug that makes you crush to desktop when unequip left-handed weapon.
- Fixed a charge bug of enchanted weapon.
- Fixed a bug that occur when there are more than 128 MODs.
- Fixed a bug where auto-casting is not works properly in some spells.
- Added option for modifier Keys. (+Shift, +Ctrl, +Alt)
- Added toggle equip/unequip option.

[ Credits ]
SKSE team - SKSE
SkyUI team - creating Unofficial UI SDK
Bethesda Softworks