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Are you a female that plays Skyrim? Do you want an attractive man to marry and fight for you? Maybe you're just looking for good looking guy to adventure with? Then this mod is for you!

Both Part 1 and 2 require Apachii SkyHair
I also use Better Males, it doesn't have much of an effect on their appearance, but it does make them look more muscular.
I also recently downloaded an ENB, so that's why some of the pictures look different.
You can have both parts at the same time.

Part One Includes:
Tyson, Gregalus, and Marco. They can be found in Dragonsreach, Whiterun.

Part Two Includes:
Devon, Daimen (yes, Daimen, it's not supposed to be Damien), and Richard. They can be found in Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm.

I plan on adding more men in the future.

If none of these guys are sexy enough, try out Brenn.

PS: Attractiveness is based on personal opinion and taste. If you don't find these men attractive, instead of trolling me in the comments, message me with a request.

If you like my followers, please endorse them! It shows me that I'm doing a good job as a beginner modder, and that you'd like me to continue trying to make mods!

Credit goes to Bethesda.
And to Apachii.