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R4444KK0N Jjinx and Uriel24

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Perky is back! Adds ~200 perks all in all, to the perk trees.

Permissions and credits

Perky changes all of the perk constellations into perk trees, keeping original perks and adding much more!

Please do comment to report bugs, suggest perks for any of the trees, or to just tell me how much you love or despise this mod!

Each and Every tree has been modded by the original author Jjinx but he/she has since quit :( my main objectives are to remove any bugs left behind and have a decent amount of updates fixing the bugs.

I've been working on this mod for a short while now and I think I've got most bugs sorted

to get a good experience with this mod, and so you aren't way overpowered you can use:
ASIS to give your enemies perks added by this mod, and make fights more challenging :)
Enhanced Mighty Dragons I use Nightmare edition myself but that's because I'm Hardcore >:)
if the above mods make things a bit too difficult you can always go uber by getting yourself gear from the Deadly Dragons Armory (especially helpful in Nightmare difficulty) also works well with This Skill Interface Retexture which rextextures the perk UI to look much nicer!

Please endorse all the above perks that you use and/or like :)

0.1 BETA first launch :)
0.2 BETA Small fix 'Jack of all trades' now has the correct effects added to it.
Creating a new perk and removing some prerequisites, may try to remodel some perk trees.

0.3 BETA major fixes to pickpocket system, shadow warrior nerfed from 5 minuted Dx down to a senseable 10 seconds, considering it can be used 24/7 out of combat that's still OP, editted prerequisites on a lot of perks, added perk ranks, added a few perks, editting perk descriptions so you know what they actually do, and a whole lot more!

0.4 BETA (Coming soon) minor fixes to Perk Tree UI, possibly adding speech levelling via shouts, and finalising the Master of None Perk

I think I've fixed most things give me a shout if you find ANYTHING

Jjinx claims there's a bug with the life essence perk but I haven't tested or checked anything yet

He has somehow messed with pickpocket calculations so it is a lot harder to pickpocket stuff compared to Vanilla Skyrim, even with all perks - fixed in 0.3 BETA just checking on a few extra things before upload.

Q) does this work on current characters?
A) No.

Q) can this work with current characters?
A) yes.

Q) can you say more than yes or no please?
A) maybe.

Q) f**k's sake how do I get this to work on a current character?
========== NOT TESTED BUT SHOULD WORK ============
A) make all trees with perks active in them legendary, Skyrim required, (so you have no perks active) then save and install Perky Reborn.

Q) A perk is overpowered/underpowered/broken, what do I do?
A) Post in the comments and I'll try and get a fix in the next revision

Q) Will you release a modular version?
A) Once bugs are sorted and my exams are done this'll be my main point of focus. Modular will be better as Jjinx has messed up some formulae somehow (pickpocket chance) I got over this by massively buffing pickpocket perks (like 10* chance)

Q) so someone else made this mod?
A) yes

Q) what happened to them?
A) Jjinx was doing well with this mod, but then they stopped work for exams and during that time they lost all the data on their PC and didn't have the drive to develop this mod anymore. This mod was dead for a long time heavily bugged with no updates, I saw this mod and fell in love with it so I just had to keep it going. You have to understand I have very limited modding capabilities, but I'm learning new stuff everyday, so we'll see how things go.

Q) why you know has good quality screen shots >:(
A) I'm lazy... So I did them quickly on my laptop

SERIOUSLY though if a more talented modder comes along and wants to pick this up I'll be happy to hand Jjinx's amazing work with my edits over to the modder it deserves

please post any suggestions/problems you have with this mod

I want to unlock most prerequisite perks for the ones that don't make sense, I have started this with smithing and speechcraft

Jjinx for being AWESOME and making Perky, Uriel24 for fixing the unlimited poison effect glitch in the previous mod, Bethesda for making skyrim and their Creation Kit, my mum, my dad, my agent, Yadda yadda yadda...


Jjinx says this should be open source and thus it shall remain, do what you wnat with it but list Jjinx as the original creator (you can credit me too if you want :) )

So feel free to translate

Click him ^ <(^-^<) <(^-^)> (>^-^)>

Finally a message to all haters: