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Changes that sneak tree\'s Light Foot perk so that it only functions while sneaking.

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This mod alters the Light Foot perk in the Sneak Tree:

You won't trigger pressure plates.

You won't trigger pressure plates while sneaking.

Pretty self explanatory. You can sneak over pressure plates without setting them off, but can still be able to trigger them at will to kill the baddies by standing up and running over them.

The mod is merely a very simple tweak to a base game script, so is basically just a script replacer. The included .ESP file is completely optional. All the .ESP does is alter the perk text to include "while sneaking". Ditch it after installing if you don't need/want another .ESP file in your load order.

There are now two alternate versions for people who use followers and/or a mod that keeps followers from setting off traps. Such a mod would conflict with this one as they use the same script.

The two alternate versions are:
1. A version where followers cannot set off trip wires and pressure plates at all.
2. A version where followers can only ignore traps if they are sneaking.

Note: Followers will still be able to set off Bear Traps. I left those unchanged because a) it was a totally different script, and b) because it will only hurt the follower and not you.. so is not as annoying.

Compatible with anything that doesn't alter the "TrapTriggerBase.pex" script. If you have a mod that makes followers unable to set off traps, get rid of it and use one of the alternate follower versions of this mod instead.

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