Circlet Helms and Dragon Priest Circlets by JKalenad
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1.8 Update Now available!

Some assets from this mod are integrated into my main project, Relics of Hyrule.

What is a Circlet Helm? And what does it do?

Dragon Priest! Crafting Recipes! Matching set bonuses! All in a circlet!

Now with 100% more Falmer AND Vampires! (If you want)

You there! Khajiit! Are you tired of the glass helmet looking like crap and removing your hair when you wear it? Are you tired of helmets crushing your ears? Argonian! Tired of having cut off your horns and feathers every time you put on a helmet? Bosmer! Dunmer! Altmer! Orsimer! Polymer! Tired of your ears jutting out of what should be solid metal? Tired of your long, luxurious locks being covered up? Tired of going bald every time you put on a helmet?
LOOK NO FURTHER! I have the deal for you!

Behold, circlet helms! Imbued with the magic of the planes of Oblivion, these...what?

Wait, there's already an armored circlet mod?

Oh. I never knew.

Well...are there circlets for every armor type (leather, fur and hide not magical enough), and a custom, beautiful Daedric Circlet? A Dwarven Circlet? An Ebony Circlet? Clavicus Vile? Nightingale? Can you craft them!?
Do they count as their respective armor AND give additional bonuses!?
THEY DO!? oh. How is my mod different and not pointless, then?

Dragon Priest Circlets that can be copied from the masks of Dragon Priests.
And...Dawnguard and Dragonborn circlets.
Pretty much. Yeah.

Listen to this rave review from a Whiterun Guard!
'Did you see that Circlet Helms mod? It's got Dragon Priest Circlets. Dragon. Priest. Circlets.....then I took an arrow to th--'
Yeah, thanks buddy.

If you have a head, you can benefit from these lovely pieces of jewelry!
They DO count toward armor bonuses! Did I mention that?

Circlet Helms can be found in levelled (leveled? llevelled? Leyawiin? I miss Leyawiin...) loot with their enchanted helmet counterparts! You can craft them, too! They should appear under Jewelry (unless you have SkyUI) for sake of eliminating clutter, and the materials that require a skill of 60 or above (Glass for example) require the Arcane Blacksmith Perk to craft.
Warlocks will have them more than other enemies, and you can also find them wherever normal circlets are sold...and found.
If you already have a Dragon Priest Mask and the Arcane Blacksmith perk, you can copy it and make a circlet from it with the same enchantment!
They do not replace the normal circlets or normal helmets, they are new, additional armor pieces.

The idea behind them is that they are tied to the planes of Oblivion, and are essentially invisible bound helmets. You craft them with metal and gems and alchemy ingredients, because requiring leather strips for a circlet that clearly doesn't have them doesn't quite make sense.


Drive one home today!
batteries not included.


The Armor my Khajiit is wearing is from the Diamond Armor mod.

Do you have a mod that you want to use these in?
Go right ahead!
Just credit me, and leave a link to this page, and leave a comment, too! I'd like to feature your mod under this text.