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Phalanx Stance replaces vanilla blocking animations. This mod is ideal for sword and shield gameplay and perfect whit shortsper and shield. Optional files replace normal bash and power bash animations
whit weapon thrusts for best shortspear experience.

Permissions and credits
Note: Feel free to do whatever you want with these files.

===================This animation is meant for sword and shield gameplay======================

Thats not to say you cant use it whit axe or mace it just looks best if you use sword and one handed spears.

This is just a small simple mod replacing vanilla blocking animations (only 3rd person). To me it seemed a bit lame how in vanilla animation weapon was held so low. It might be because its not unique just to shield and sword. Also when you use big shields characters hold them so high up that most of the times they cant even see their opponent. So I came up whit this idea. This is my first mod so any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Courtesy of Slider6996.=========================================My laggy video :P.
Standart version====================================================================Thrust version

by BDMods


Phalanx stance - Thrust version replaces normal bash and power bash animations. Instead of bashing whit your shield you will now be thrusting whit your weapon. Best used whit shortspears.
ATTENTION!!! It still uses the same sound as normal shield bash. I cant change that. Also there is no damage increase when you use new bash/thrust. It is just an animation.

None. Even if you dont install animation mod correctly it wont crash your game.

In case my animations want to overwrite your old shield block animations if they are moded then be sure to back them up if you dont like my animations when you have tested them.

Its really easy. Just download whit NMM and activate it. Or download manually and extract everything in --------Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\
(Data folder is where your SkyrimLauncher.exe in case you are a beginner)
To uninstall just deactivate it in NMM or delete all these files;



Belt-Fastened Quivers by Chesko and Ninivekha
Dual Sheath Redux by Neovalen
XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32
Immersive Animations by Bergzore
Power thrust by xp32

Thanks to user Bergzore for his great tutorials.
Wasnt for them then I probobly would have given up whit 3ds Max

--------Items in Screenshots-----------
Unique armor is Akaviri Samurai armor from Immersive Armors mod by hothtrooper44.
Wolf armor texture is from aMidianBorn wolf armor and skyforge weapons mod.
Unique katana is Dragonbane from Unique Uniques mod by InsanitySorrow.
Spartan armor is from Spartan Armor mod by Solidus2845.
Iron and Dragonbone shortspears are from SkyRe i think.
Ebony buckler from Bucklers mod by VincentIcarus - Creator - and Grace Darkling - Updater Admin