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Become a beggar. Ask NPCs for coin, and get varied reactions.

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Become a Beggar

This mod makes it possible to beg NPCs for coin. NPCs react to your panhandling in different ways.

Helpful - high probability
Angry - average probability
Scared - rare chance. (Not that many people are scared of beggars.)

The latest skyrim title update.

New Update:
Now you can change the amount of gold NPCs give you.
To change the amount of gold received from begging:
set beggargold to 4 (or any other number you want)
The default value is 10 if you decide not to change it.

To change the amount of gold receive from begging with the beggar's ring equipped:
set beggarringgold to 10 (or any other number you want)
The default value is 25 if you decide not to change it.

Introducing Become a Beggar 2.0:
* I finally got randomization to work, so all trash, valuables, potions, food, soul gems, etc that you get from begging will be totally random.
* Now, when you beg from skill trainers, they share some of their knowledge with you instead of just giving you gold.
* Fixed begging limits so that they don't rely on friendship. Now this mod should be fully compatible with my give gifts to NPCs Friendship Version mod.
* I have looked into using voices from the game's generic dialog, but couldn't find any that made sense for the mod. Because of this, a voice version of this mod will not be made.

A little Story:

This is Bella, a khajiit cub left to fend for herself in the harsh environment of Skyrim. She has just arrived in Riften, and has a room at Helga's bunkhouse. Since she has little skills and little food, she starts begging for coin to buy her next meal.

While walking around the market district, she met a dodgy man selling some miracle elixir. As he began to approach her, she ran away. That was when she bumped into Drifa. She put on the saddest face a khajiit cub can make and begged for some coin.

She looked at the shiny coins in her hand and thought about dinner. Was it going to be salmon or slaughterfish? Both sounded yummy. After a meal which consisted of 2 raw salmon, Bella spotted a fellow beggar, Snilf shouting insults above the market noise. She thought, "What do I have to lose? and asked snilf to share some of his earnings.

He's a beggar himself! :-) How rude!

After Snilf's rude verbal assault, he had the audacity to throw trash at Bella. What's a khajiit kid to do? After a couple of days begging, Bella finally got enough gold to take the carriage to Whiterun.
She had always wanted to go there. It was famous for its scenic beauty and hospitable residents. What's not to like?

After taking a tour around Whiterun, Bella's stomach started to growl. She had spent all her gold on the carriage ride. Now, she's too broke to buy food. While eyeing the food at Carlotta's stand, Bella notices Nazeem. He looked like he would have lots of coin to spare, so she politely asked if he could spare some septims.

He thought Bella was some kind of highwayman. Bella couldn't believe he gave up his valuables so easily. She then felt guilty for taking them. She was just a beggar after all, not a thief. She tugged on his expensive clothes and offered to return his valuables.

Bella couldn't believe he was so generous. He seemed like such a snob. Was he a nice guy, or did he take pity on her. Things like that didn't really matter to Bella. After she sold Nazeem's valuables, Bella had enough gold to travel all over skyrim. "Oh, the places I'll see... and the gold I'll make from begging all the people in Skyim.", Bella thought as she munched happily on a feast of salmon and slaughterfish.

The end.

Did you know?

* The people who give you gold get the "gift of charity" blessing. *
* The people who give you trash get a disease called "the rattles". Sweet Revenge! *
* Helpful people who give you coin become your friends. *
* Angry people who throw garbage at you become your enemies. *
* Those Angry NPCs that tell you to "Get a job." throw job-related clutter at you. *
* Random fact: Bella is the name of my eleven year old american shorthair cat.*

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