Why not block with your arm by JiubiIzeekk
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Backhand, you now get to slap your enemies silly.

By the way, if you want to be able to see some of your hand whilst in first person view bring up the console by pressing " ` " (just duner the Esc key) and typing fov 80

I have made this and it has four shields. The main reason is that i have seen a couple of this type of mods available on the nexus and they either don't have crafting or there is no alternate version.

This has crafting so they can be made at the forage. and then they can be tempered at the workbench, there is no crafting requirements for this so you can make this when ever you like, as long as you have the materials.

Ok so this is what i have made the shields like.

Hide based shield:
base armor rating of 16 1 pt over hide.
Iron ingot

Glass based shield:
base armor rating of 27
Malachite ingot

Steel based shield:
base armor rating of 24
Steel ingot

Daedric based shield:
base armor rating of 36
Ebony ingot

XD would be funny if i could make a right handed shield