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Cast spells instantly, even with weapons equipped. Put multiple potions/poisons into a single hotkey with priority sorting. Automatic poison/potion equipping. And much more. Basically Grimy's Utilities is a collection of gameplay tools I add to now and then.

Permissions and credits

SkyUI Version 5.0+
SKSE Version 1.7.3+
DienesTools (This is an extension for SKSE)
FISS Version 1.21+ (optional)

This mod uses a modified version of SkyUILib.
You do not need to download the original version, as the modified version is pre-packaged.
Menu based hotkeys may not work with mods beyond the 127th mod slot.
If that happens to you, it is because your SKSE is either installed incorrectly or outdated.
The esp file from UIExtensions is not "strictly" required. If you unpack the UIExtensions BSA, the pex/psc files are sufficient.

Hotkey Spellcasting
Cast spells instantly without needing to equip the spell.
So you can cast even with weapons equipped or whatever.

The spells function based on a cooldown instead of a charge up period.
And the cooldown times, experience, and spell cost of hotcast spells can be adjusted through a balance page.
You add spells to hotcast slots similarly how to you favorite spells. Press [G] while highlighting a spell, then click a slot.
You can remove/forget spells by pressing [Del].

Craft X
Craft multiple items at once.
Do it by pressing [1] while highlighting a recipe, then entering a number

Object Tools
Positioner, Renamer, Scaler, Angler.
These all work through text input.
IE You type in the exact X/Y/Z coordinates, Angle, scale, etc of any object you want to tweak.
Great if you're very OCD and want to know your decorations are spaced EXACTLY a certain distance apart.

Item Inspector Tool
Do it by pressing [y] while highlighting an item in your inventory.
This provides detailed information on an item.
Do you know this enchantment already?
Maybe you have two health restore ingredients, but one is stronger? Which one is stronger?
What's the attack speed on my weapon? My crit damage? Etc.
TLDR Great for infoholics.

Item Queues
Item Queues work differently from normal hotkeys.
If you're out of the the item in slot 1, you try to use the item in slot 2. Or slot 3, and so forth.
This is great for potions, so you use the next health potion when you run out of the first.
This hotkey isn't necessarily restricted to potions though.
You can use it to attempt to equip any item in your menu.

You add items to the queues by Pressing [G] while highlighting an item.

There's a bunch of other features too.
An auto poison application script that works based on the poison list from the poison page.
And also automatic health, magicka, and stamina scripts that work based on when you're hit, when you cast a spell, and when you perform power attacks/bashes.

A hotkey that lets you hold to sneak instead of press a button to toggle sneak.
A button that gives you all the achievements.
And more than I have the patience to type out for you.