Traveler Saddle by Cayce Sianan
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Added: 22/05/2013 - 08:46AM
Updated: 20/04/2016 - 03:33PM

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Traveler's Saddle

The idea was to create a saddle that looks like that of someone who is mainly traveling on horseback - with a warm bedroll and enough storage for everything you need to survive in the harsh land of Skyrim.

I know that there are a few saddle mods out there already, but most of them made too few or too much changes for my personal taste. So I made my own version - a traveler's saddle.

This mod is compatible with everything that does not also change the standard saddle.
It goes along fine with Conveniant Horses!

Install and Uninstall
Simply merge the downloaded Data folder with the one in your Skyrim folder.

If you want to have the old saddle or install a different one, just remove the files you copied. You will find them here:
Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/horse/character assets/saddle.nif

Credits and Thanks go to:

- TheWinterhawk: For the permission to use the saddlebags and fur including the textures she used.
Take a look at her amazing variants of a Hunter's Saddle!

- DVAted and TreasureChest: For the permission to use the waterskin from their Sabre Gear Backpack.
Ever wanted to travel Skyrim with an immersive backpack? Then this mod is for you!

- Laup26: For the permission to use the sleeproll and the saddle out of the saddles he made.
Are you searching for class-specific saddles or simply saddles with a different look and maybe other stuff than just bags?
Take a look at his mod More saddles!