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This Mod changes the way that the women of Skyrim move. Instead of moving around like men, they will now use the appropriate female animations. This affects ALL female NPCs that currently use the male animations.

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This Mod changes the way that the women of Skyrim move. Instead of moving around like men, they will now use the appropriate female animations. This affects ALL of the female NPC’s in the game that normally use the male animations (If I’ve missed any, please let me know). All NPCs added by DLC's are also included.

Have you ever found yourself being disturbed by the way that some of the women in Skyrim move around? Unbeknownst to many, quite a number of the women of Skyrim are set to move like men. This was a design decision by Bethesda; apparently because women in armour move like men (ignoring the fact that said armour is made for men!). Oddly though, men in the game who wear dresses (mages, priests etc.) aren’t set to move like women (except for some of the male Dark Elves introduced by the Dragonborn DLC who were given the wrong animation type by accident). Either way, I disagree with this decision. If you have a world in which it’s normal for women to wear armour, armour will be made to allow women to move normally. So, I made this to make the female NPC’s a bit more feminine.
If you have a separate Mod that alters the female animations, this will extend the number of NPC’s using them.

To install simply download and activate using NMM, only one plugin will be activated but will cover whichever DLCs you have installed. Otherwise download the file manually, unpack with 7-zip and drop the appropriate plugin for you into your Skyrim Data folder, then ensure that it is activated in your Data files.
If you have a previous version of the Mod, please remember to remove all files first. No clean save is required.
The optional files are included for those people who still wish to do a manual installation but they are otherwise unnecessary.
Regardless of which or how many DLC's you have, there is now only one plugin for your game.

To uninstall, simply use NMM to uninstall or delete the files from your Skyrim Data folder.

Load Order
It’s best to load this Mod near the top of your load order, after all of the master files (.esm’s) and any Mods that say they have to be loaded at the top of your load order (such as the Unofficial patches). This should minimise any conflicts with other Mods and, if you do have any other Mods that modify the female NPC’s, the other Mods will take precedence and those NPC’s will use whichever animations those other Mods' authors chose.

Known Issues

**** NONE!! - This Mod is bug free ****

If you install the Mod at the start of a new game, the changes should be obvious right at the beginning during the Helgen intro sequence as the Imperial Captain (Red Queen) is one of the NPC’s affected, so you should see her moving differently.
If installed during a game, not all of the NPC’s will necessarily be affected straight away, but as time goes on the changes will eventually kick in, it takes a little time for the game to register the changes.
In the same way, should you decide to uninstall the Mod during a game, the changes will take time to fade and the NPC’s return to their vanilla animations.
In either case though, you won’t do your game any harm.


Version 1.1
- Added optional files for Hearthfires and Dragonborn (includes a fix for the incorrect male animations in Dragonborn)
- Included fixes for corpses so that undead raised will also use the correct animations.

Version 1.2
- Fixed the vanilla bug with Orc female animations.

Version 1.21
- Minor update for a couple of vanilla bug fixes from USkP v1.3.3c.

Version 1.22
- Added an NMM installer so that only one plugin is required and to make installation simpler.

Extra Info
There are now two other Mods that have been specifically modified to work with Feminine Females :-
Gender and Race Heights by Machienzo
Lydia Pretty Face by rudy102

There are also two patches in the optional files section.
For those using Ethereal Elven Overhaul by Nuska, the patch should be placed after both FF and EEO in your load order.
For those using ApachiiSkyHair NPC Overhaul by Spewed, it should be placed after both mods in your load order.
Please note that their Mods must be placed AFTER this one in your load order.
A big thank you to Nuska, Spewed, Machienzo and Rudy for their cooperation.
There is now a German version of Feminine Females available all thanks to Chojin2013 for his assistance and enthusiasm.
I also thoroughly recommend and endorse the excellent Skyrim Project Stability by GrandBulwark - everyone should check it out!
Please be sure to show them your appreciation for their work.

Final Comments
This Mod was one of my pedantic little annoyances resolved. I reckoned there were bound to be others out there who would appreciate it, so, here it is :) Let me know what you think in the comments section.
Thanks to the Unofficial Patch team for the resources used in this Mod that were created by them.
Thanks to the TES5Edit team for their excellent modding tool.
Thanks to Bethesda for the Creation Kit (and the excellent game).
Thanks also to the Nexus community for the support and encouragement they provide, to those who have endorsed my Mods, those who have given me kudos and to Eckss for his patience and help.