The Legend of Zelda - Great Fairys Sword Reimagined by JKalenad
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Included in Relics of Hyrule

This mod is no longer supported because of its inclusion in Relics of Hyrule.
It is provided "as-is," and Updates are very unlikely.

"WHAT!?" I hear you exclaim as you spit out your Nintendo Cereal System, "You call that a Great Fairy's Sword!? Where's the garish color scheme? The utterly unrealistic shape? Why doesn't it look like a 13 year old piece of plastic, and why is it modeled after the most beautiful sword in Skyrim? WHY."

I know! I'm a terrible person for not accepting the original sword as perfect as the breath of Nayru herself, especially since Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game.

First of all, there's already a very nice version of the classic Great Fairy's Sword out there:

Second of all, this sword is my idea of what it would have looked like in Twilight Princess, or what it would look like in a realistic setting like Skyrim.

A sword forged by a magical being would, in my mind, be crystalline and mysterious. I stayed very true to the original design, keeping the central rose and color scheme. the Glass Greatsword was perfect for the job because it already has a very nice flower motif as the Great Fairy's Sword did.

Now, enough about the sword, let's talk about the sword.

The sword can be found in a building in Blackreach (for the sake of fun, I'm not telling you where...yet) and is equal in power to an Elven Greatsword, but swings a little faster. It has a very strong enchantment which consists of...

Poison Damage
Extra damage to undead with a chance of creating a turn undead explosion
High damage on critical hits
And a chance to heal the wielder by 100 points if the enemy is killed by a critical hit (I'm not sure if this works or not)

It can be tempered with an empty greater soul gem if you have the Arcane Blacksmith Perk.

Since the Great Fairy's Sword is Termina's answer to the Biggoron's Sword, it only seems fitting that it would be very strong, and since Termina has no Master Sword to speak of, this reimagining of the Great Fairy's Sword has some elements of a blade that can vanquish evil.

-Video coming soon
-Tweaks to enchantment including daedra banishing may be forthcoming as well.

Majora's Mask: