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Q. Why not more lavish with the decorations and amenities?
A. I don't believe in the Freebee house OR making you buy ton of extra upgrades OR making you richer than a KING...that you have to do yourself. My focus in this mod is to give you a house that is reminiscent of the original Breezehome but better and logical. I want to give the player a mystery to uncover and a small side quest to go on that is MUCH more challenging than the rest of the game offers without changing the entire game to do it. Remember all those high powered weapons and armor we seem to be good at making in this the adventure I'm working on that begins in the'll need them!

Q. What was Added?
A. As the name states...the basement...and several other refinements to pick things up a bit.
I "parent enabled" some walls and doors to make for more "out of the box" functionality.
I didn't add any new chests/containers other than what was used for hiding secrets because if you put something into it and turn off the mod you can lose it. I didn't want to burden people with having to clean out the house before/after.
I made some "interior space" changes in the Master Bedroom...check it out.
I added carpets as the see through floors needed covering.
I adjusted the lighting for more realism and removed the FOG.
There are 2 NPC follower/companions added. One is a trainer.
There are small puzzles in the house to make discovering it's secrets more fun.
There are some small exterior changes to match the inside somewhat with more on the way later.
There's a Journal to explain the story of the house and what's in store for the future of this mod.
Finally there are torch sconces logically placed and some sizable Ea$ter Egg$ associated with discovering the secrets.
FULL smithing equipment in the basement with an enchanting table and 4th bedroom for an added NPC,
Many secret doors to find as well, Two are for the adventure I have in store for the owner of the house.

Q. Was anything removed?
A. I deleted the useless crates and cob webs as well as some of the defunct furnature.
I replaced the tatty floor tiles with nice ones to match the rest.
I swapped out the Master bed for something nicer as well as Lydia's bed.

Q. Will thre be updates? Or is this it?
A. YES, there will be updates. I have some already planned.. something big. Though the time between them will vary as I AM working on something even bigger and I'm still learning the Creation Kit.

Please keep in mind this an "In Use" player home that changes as you buy improvements. This means that it's best if you buy ALL the available improvements from the steward as I didn't "enable" everything in the house. I also didn't remove "clutter" as in cups, bowls, tankards, baskets etc... so expect a mess when you get in the 1st time, you'll have to do some cleaning up...sorry. Some people like these things so I left them. If you've added anything via console commands then it may interfere with placement and changes I've made. Other mods like a certain Underwear mod WILL have items appear in the her merchant the basement...floating. I reference her mod in my Smithing Gear Bat File.

Finally, if you like this MOD please ENDORSE it and check out my other mods. Feel free to PM me with suggestions for this mod, anything you'd like to see added or removed. Just know I don't do HD texturing or retexturing in general so please don't ask.

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