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A patchwork re-texture of Zotman12\'s Maxi Armor.

Permissions and credits
Patchwork Maiden
Author - DreamBurrow
Orignal Mesh - Zotman12


X'D Hello Hello!!

Before you ask a question, please read the whole description, thanks.

-This is a standalone re-texture of Zotman12's Maxi Armor.

-You do not need to install his armor. This works on it's own and does not replace anything.

-This is an old re-texture that I've decided to upload, since I will most likely not improve it any further.
I really wanted to make a patchy armor that would suit a whimsical and carefree character, so I made these textures.

-You can craft them under Misc at the forge and improve them at the workbench with leather. The necklace can be crafted under jewelry at the forge.
Or if you want to cheat, you can use the console command and type "Help Patchwork".

-The outfit is made up of a Cuirass, Boots, Gloves, Corset, Belt and Necklace.
The corset really only works for the Patchwork outfit, if you try it with anything else, you'll get some major clipping.

-This is currently only for females, I may make a male equivalent if there is a large enough demand for it.
Different colors may be added in the future, but probably not likely. You may request it though.

As always, Thank you for downloading, and I hope you enjoy. If you liked the re-texture, please be sure to comeback and let me know! I really love the comments and suggestions ^^! And be sure to submit some pics of your lovely characters in it! ; u; I love seeing them.

Please do not upload this anywhere without my permission. This is a Nexus Exclusive. The original creator of the armor did not want their work uploaded anywhere else but on the Nexus. I ask that you respect that. Thank you.


Use the Nexus Mod Manager to install or

Copy all content to the Skyrim/Data folder.


Remove the following folders:

Data\textures\DreamBurrow\Patchwork Maiden
Data\meshes\DreamBurrow\PatchWork Maiden

Or uninstall using NMM.


Known Issues:

-Poor quality, This is an old re-texture.

-Clipping issues with the corset.

If you find any more issues, please let me know!



Bethesda - Skyrim

Zotman12 - For the Maxi Armor and allowing people to freely use it.
Maxi Armor

sesamin- Giving me permission to use assets from her combination vanilla armor mod.
Combination Vanilla Outfit for UNP

Mak07- For CBBE conversion of Maxi armor.
Maxi Armor CBBEv3M

zzjay- For allowing me to use the feather from her feather mod.
Feathers for humanod males and females

cdprojecktred - For their wonderful feather mesh.

You - Though I say I create these things for myself, I actually just really love creating for the

Thanks again!!