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Andromeda is a follower with a very unique appearance and spellkit. She scales with your level, getting more powerful spells as she goes.

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Andromeda is so obsessed with Tamriel that over eras of time, floating in an incorporeal state above the planet, in devotion of study and worship of all things Nirn, she has developed a practice to conform her cosmic essence in the shape she believes to be tolerable enough to its populace that she can finally descend to experience its splendor up close. In Skyrim, Andromeda wields the power of the cosmos in further pursuit of fascinating wonders.

Take Andromeda along in your travels and you can share in a mutual appreciation for both Nirn and the Cosmos. The stronger you get together, the more adept Andromeda will become at wielding her astronomy upon unsuspecting foes. From shooting stars to black holes, she is nothing if not a spectacle!

This mod is an alpha version for a far-improved, in-progress build. Successively improved versions are released, maintaining at least one stable one. Please report bugs in the comments section.

Upon first loading after installing this mod, you will be granted two spells that will allow you to control her. The first will summon her to you.

Uninstall Directions:

1. Load your current game with the esp active.

2. Open the MCM and go through the uninstall process.

3. Save your game.

4. Turn off the esp and/or remove the associated files

5. Reload your save, and save again.

Cumulative Alpha Test Build Patch Notes (currently 1.27.2)

-Andromeda now requires 1.9, skse, and SkyUI

-Added Mod Menu in Skyui used for Andromeda's uninstallation process. This menu will be expanded to a large assortment of other features in the future.

-New scripts implemented to govern Andromeda
Andromeda will gather information about enemies she is in combat with and choose spells appropriately. For example, she will use wormhole strike on distant enemies, nova if she is surrounded, or comet if the player is being attacked in melee.

-Andromeda now has her own animation path
She will float while doing out of combat moving

-Added forms. They can be alternated between using a power granted upon activation of the mod. -current spell list for each
*Aetherial Form - Offensive caster form
Shooting Star Volley
Primordial Beam
Volt Orb
*Magne-Ge Form - Melee/tank form
Taunting Aura
Warp Strike
*Plane form - Ranged Support
No functionality just yet
*Aurbis form - Ultimate Form
Altadoon-el Magna-Ge
Ghartok-el Magna-Ge
Andromeda dies after 20 seconds of using this form

-Added a summon/call spell. If Andromeda is dead, you can resurrect her with this spell, but it takes 5 minutes of real-time before you can. Otherwise, this spell will teleport her to you.

-Added new shaders

-Added new armors for Magne-Ge and Plane Forms

-Adjusted appearance
Andromeda is slightly bigger
Andromeda head decoration no longer physically connects to her but instead floats.
Gauntlets replaced with similar looking ornaments floating above her forearms.
Hand meshes are now claws
Reduced breast size
Increased shoulder width
Adjusted Face

-Adjusted textures
reduced the glimmer overall of her golden outline
andromeda's underboob no longer shines
andromeda no longer has nipples of any kind

Gave andromeda a flat 50% damage reduction, since she wears no armor, therefore is very much lacking on survivability.
Damage of all abilities significantly reduced.

Great Thanks:

Bl3azy's "Power of the Stars" mod served as the greatest inspiration for this one. Bl3azy has not only been a good friend and advice-giver, but also lent me the use of the spells from his mod for the time-being. Please check it out; it's great work.

Thank you very kindly to Halo, best known for his pose collection mods.

Egocarib is my hero when it comes to scripts. He has patience in teaching of a saint, and this mod would be less without his wonderful advice.

Thanks a bunch to Glas, who did some texture work for me.

Haishao is a saint. She made the two custom armors for Star form and Galaxy form.

Thank you, braveheart101. You were equal parts motivator and assistant. Busy work is incredibly depressing, but you shouldered a good deal of that burden for me.