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-) Skyrim with the latest Patch
-) Dragonborn DLC

I would like to present you my newest house mod creation. This home is situated near Rifton at the borders of Skyrim. The home perfectly fits into the surrounding
environment. To get the home you have to travel to the Location you can see either on the Screenshots here or in the download (where also a screenshot of the
location was included).
It took me long times to find the right place for the home and I invested a lot of time to make it as deatiled as possible. I also learned from other genious
modders, that it's sometimes better to use misc clutter and mix it with static. I also learned a lot about lightning and different types of new light sources.
I hope you like the home and feel the magical touch it should give you.

Once you reached the home you will find it locked. NO WORRIES !! You can acquire the key. Just read the note near the entracne you shouldn't miss it.
Inside the home you will find a lot of features and nice arrangments which I hope perfectly fit the mage themed character.

I also included ofc. a smithing cellar, but it's small, because a mage doesn't need a lot of smithing skills. He just needs his spells and some clothes.
Tho the smithing cellar fits perfectly in to the style and theme of the house.
The house is built out of solstheim elements, which I thought would perfectly match with the theme I want to deliver.
Also the previous owner of the house is from Solstheim.

If you don't find the key scroll down to the F.A.Q
Now to the features !!

Outside the house you will find a mystical ambient and also a lot of other nice eye catching features.
- Leafs falling down
- Wood chopping block
- A well which leads to a cave
- A lot of plants and trees
- house fitting into the mountain
- chimney for the forge

Once you enter the house you will find a lot of mystical and magical lightning. The home should give you the feeling that you are a mage,
who is studying here. It's a dark ambient which is illuminated by different light sources, to give you the special magical feeling.

- unique looking enchanting table
- 2 Mannequins
- 1 Weapon rack
- Resarch table with dead body
- magical lightning sources
- eating area
- cooking area and storage
- a riekling skeleton !
- a shrine of Azura as pervious owner is a dark elf
- overall mystical and nice ambient

Upstairs you will find a possibility to sleep. Also you can take one follower with you, who can sleep in his own bed. Another feature is the staff enchanter
which was brought to Skyrim. There is a magical chest, which will create unenchanted staffs for you !

- alchemy area
- storage pots
- staff enchanting (with magical chest: RESPAWNS)
- bed for your follower
- 1 Mannequin
- 1 Weapon rack
- big and privatBBe bed in the tower
- a lot of fine and well placed clutter
- also unique lightning
- above the bed you find a mystical altar (maybe in later updates it will get a special function)

The cellar is more or less only a small part of the home, for those people, who want to craft and temper their armor.
- Storage facilities
- a forge
- a sharpening wheel
- work bench
- tanning rack
- clutter placed all over to make it look used

Cave under the Well:
The cave was the hardest part to build, because it has a unique structure and entrance. Inside you will find a nice bathing facility and also a strange
looking stone.

- unique entrance
- skeleton in a nice position
- a lot of sunlight mixed with mystical lightning
- a waterfall and a bathing facility
- a mystical stone which was excavated
- appropriate flora

Generally I suggest that you try it out yourself or look the screenshots, because pictures can say much more than words !

I would propose you to use the NMM manager to install this modification, because it's the easiest way.

Klick on the download with NMM manager button and install the mod

If you want to install this mod manually, you have to download it and unpack the archive somewhere. After you unpacked it drop the MagesRest_Hollow.esp and .bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder. Later on chose your prefered launcher and activate the .esp

Again I suggest using the NMM, which provides a much easier way to handle mods.

Deactivate the mod in the NMM mod list and delete it afterwards

Remove the MagesRest_Hollow.esp and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder

Reserved for future updates or version changes

Version 1.0 -- Inital release

Q: Is this mod follower compatible ?
A: Yes you can take at least one follower with you as there is a bed for one. I tried also to navmesh everything appropriate

Q: Was it cleaned with TES5Edit ?
A: Yes I cleaned it

Q: Does this mod conflict with any other mod ?
A: As far as I know the place I've chosen is unused.

Q: Where is the house ?
A: Look on the locations screenshot either on the page you downloaded it from or in the downloaded folder

Q: Where is the damn key to the house ?


Blary for his fantastic resources I used
Oaristys & Tony67 for their fantastic Modders Resource pack
Bethesda for creation of the game and the CK

And finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!